Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flying "home".

September 4, 2009.

I'm f*ing freezing!!!!! I'm flying back to L.A at the moment and trying so hard not to shake from how cold it is on this damn plane. I hate flying.

Well, it turns out that Laurie is picking me up from the airport. Not what I was expecting, but a pleasant surprise. Drummer had responded with, “Ah, I would but I'm gonna be in Santa Barbara!” and Laurie responded with, “What airport and what time?”. Of course, there was no response from North.

Lacey was totally willing to come grab me, but she's gonna be at work, so Laurie is a sweetheart and he said that he's gonna be in the area and he'll come get me. Yay! No cab fee! It's funny because I totally wanna buy a round of drinks to thank Laurie or something, which costs money, but for some reason it just seems like a better way to spend my money than on cab fare.

I dreamt about Drummer last night. I dreamt that it was tomorrow and he came over to hang out and we were talking and got real close and we kissed. Sweetly and innocently. Don't even think there was any tongue involved. Then, in my dream it was just assumed that he'd be sleeping over, so he climbed in my bed and for some reason I had to finish something I had been doing earlier. And then, the next thing I knew I was finally ready for bed, but it was 8am and Drummer was getting up to go do something. So, I had completely missed my opportunity to snuggle that boy all night.

Strange dream.

So I daydream about North and my subconscious dreams about Drummer in the night. Dream analysis anyone?

I also dreamt in that same dream that Jess hadn't moved away because she had a disagreement with her boyfriend and she was still living in L.A. and owned a Llama. Perhaps, my mind was just being creative last night. Who knows!

I believe I'm still going to see Drummer tomorrow night. I have no idea what the plan is for tomorrow yet, but I hope whatever happens will be fun. I need adult fun. Not sex, but flirting and drinking and swearing and maybe a little making out. That would be fun.

Man. Being an “adult” is a funny thing. You have all the freedom in the world to do whatever it is you want. So why do some choose to do things that make them unhappy?

I want to be an actress. At least that's what I've told myself my entire life. Then how come when I think about going back to acting class next week, I get nervous and want to postpone for another few weeks. Yes, there's the money issue. I don't have any. But, I know that my teacher would let me write her an I.O.U. if I needed. So, what's scaring me or holding me back from having the life I've always wanted?

I have an audition coming up on Sunday. I'm happy to have an audition right when I get back because I get too comfortable when I'm away from this competitive grueling acting scene. I need to dive right back in, hence the reason I should not take a week off from my acting class. I need to go right back in, have my butt kicked by my teacher, get better at this thing I supposedly love and supposedly want to do for the rest of my life and freaking make a name and career for myself!!!!! Just do it!!!

Alright, so that was more a little pep talk I needed for myself. I hope that helped, Irene. Get back on track and hustle!

This blog was a bit random, but these are the things that go through my head while in a state of half awakeness on this long flight back to my future in L.A.

The future can be quite intimidating.

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