Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Prospects.

September 10, 2009.

Lonely. I kept looking at my phone today wondering why I have no calls and no text messages from any boys. No one for that matter. I live with my two best girls out here, so of course I have no messages from them. But, no prospects are texting me, calling me, seeing what I'm up to. I've managed to turn off, piss off, or push away every single guy that is or ever has been attracted to me. WTF?

I just want one that's genuinely that too much to ask??

I was reading my horoscope today for the month and yes I do like to read it but no, I don't let it determine my life. But let's watch and see. It predicted that September was going to be a very hard month...the 17th especially. Something drastic is going to happen which may make me depressed. And as far as love goes, I may meet someone older, only this time “the age difference doesn't bother either one of us” or I may meet someone that doesn't live here “only this time it works out.” I read that and I exclaimed, “Fuck my life!!”

I don't want an older guy and I don't want any more long distance. I just want someone my age who's looking to enjoy life, have fun, fall in love for a bit and lives in the general area.

Ok horoscope...hope you're wrong!

Today was my day off, but I spent the whole day in doctors offices. Blah. I hate being a responsible adult sometimes. It just kind of blows.

Alright. I got nothin'. Updates tomorrow.

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