Tuesday, September 8, 2009

M Squared...

September 8, 2009.

Well! I was definitely on a mission last night. I wanted to make out! We spent the whole day at the beach, which was awesome, getting drunk, which was awesome, then came back to our apartment to eat some fish and drink some more.

We had a blast and we had quite a collection of people come down to hang out. It was nice though, because they all came at different times, so it was never too many people.

Adain swung by and it was really nice to see him. We were chatting in my room and I just kept thinking how badly I wanted to kiss him. I think he was thinking the same thing because shortly after that thought passed through my mind he hopped over to sit on the bed with me. Then we just sort of started cuddling and I was rubbing his back and it was just sweet. Then eventually he kissed me. It was funny because, we've kissed before, but it definitely felt like a first kiss, since it's been so long.

I was really enjoying my snuggle fest with Adain, but it was about 8pm and we had all decided to go out to Hermosa last night, and I knew I'd regret it if I didn't join the group. As much as I loved the thought of spending the night next to Adain, I chose my friends. He had just gotten off a long weekend of work, so he was too exhausted to go out with us. I told him he could just crash here and I'd see him when I got back, but he had to go back to Venice where he'd been staying and collect his belongings. Oh well.

So we headed to Hermosa which started out pretty badly. It was empty and most everything was closed. But we eventually ended up in Patrick Malloy's. Lacey's Drummer had taken her car because he had to go back to his place to get something and he was bringing a friend back with him...

So L's drummer and his friend, M2(squared), met us back in Hermosa. We were calling him M2 because they have the same name...so we needed some distinction. I was digging M2 and I am single, so even though I had kissed Adain earlier that evening, I wasn't about to miss out on this opportunity. I know...back to my old habits.

Well, M2 was apparently digging me as well, so we didn't try to mask our attraction.

Oh gosh, but before he got there, Mike from work had been hanging with us all day and he is just the worst when he's drunk. He's an ass. Since Nikki and Lacey both pretty much had guys with them, I was the only “available” hook up. Of course, the fact that I'm totally not interested in him didn't phase him. He was convinced it was gonna happen. So at this last bar we went to, I got a case of the hiccups so he grabs me and says, “This'll take care of that for you!” and he goes in to kiss me. So I turned my head and he kissed my cheek. And he was still holding onto me and I was trying to get him off of me and I was saying, “No, Mike, I don't wanna kiss you!” And then the next thing I knew his tongue was jammed down my throat.

I pushed him off of me and walked away, Nikki and Lacey had seen it and were freaking out. Yup...Mike raped my mouth. Disgusting. I was pissed. Apparently he'd been saying to Lacey all night, “Yup, Irene wants me...we have a past.” So gross.

Well thank goodness for M2. He was there to protect me. He was very sweet. He's from Minnesota and was out here on business, so alas, nothing is going to come of it, but it was fun!

We all came back to the apt at who knows what time, and Lacey and her drummer, M2 and I decided to go skinny dipping in the ocean...again, clothes coming off. This is becoming a theme. I can't let that keep happening.

Well, the four of us ran down there, stripped down and ran into the water. It was so much fun! Then we ran back to the apartment and I just remember M2 going, “I need to shower!” So I grabbed two towels and said, “Ok, let's go shower!”

So we showered together and made out and it was all sorts of fun, then we climbed into my bed nakey, made out some more and yes, got our groove on. Yet again, I have to reset my counter, but I have to say 38 days...not so bad!

This morning when I woke up, I tried to piece everything together. M2 and I chatted for a bit. He's really a nice guy. I like him. More than I was expecting to. Unfortunately, I ended up having to drive him to the airport at noon because his flight plans changed. He was supposed to be here all day and leave at midnight. Bummer.

Things that were pretty cute of him:

-He asked to see my headshots...(really??)
-After round 2 this morning he looks at me and goes, “well, that was kind of random.”
-He tried to give me money for gas since I took him to the airport and didn't have much so he said he was gonna send me money. I told him I wouldn't accept that and he said, “Ok, well then I'll buy you dinner next time I'm out here.” I smiled and said, “Deal.”
-He kissed me on the cheek and said, “It was nice meeting you!”

Why does the Midwest have to keep all the good ones??? It's just not fair.

Lacey called me a couple hours ago and informed me that her drummer is no more. She asked him today to define what they were and he said, “I just don't have time in my life for a relationship right now.”

What does that mean?????????? I mean, what've you been doing? You've been taking time to come hang out in Manhattan Beach, you've been sleeping over, you've been having her sleepover, isn't that just as much time as a relationship would take up?

Guys out here are just idiots. Sucks, cuz L's drummer was a lot of fun and I liked them together. And, I have to admit, I was regaining hope that there might be someone for me too, if Lacey's and Nikki can both find some good ones, there's gotta be one out there for me! But, maybe not.

Adain was gonna come hang out today, but plans changed. I ended up running around a bit after the airport. I'm kind of glad that he didn't come because I think he was really just expecting and wanting to have sex, and I didn't really want to. And I know this sounds terrible, but I probably would have because otherwise I would've felt like a tease. Not that I told him I was gonna have sex with him, but I think that's what we were both thinking about last night when we talked about making plans today.

Well, my life is back to normal. No stable guys. Whatev's, I guess I just don't have time for a relationship right now...

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  1. "Why does the Midwest have to keep all the good ones???"

    My guess is that it's skewed perception. They just take longer to show their true idiot selves! Maybe we should trade idiots some time!