Friday, September 4, 2009

Universe, take the lead...

August 28, 2009.

Flying into Orlando right now. I'm super excited to see my family. It's gonna be one great week. For some reason, the past five hours I've had Drummer on the brain. I'm ready to be happy with someone. Someone who's sweet.

Last night when we were leaving the bar where he played a show, Nikki said, “He seems really sweet.” He is. He's genuinely sweet. He's from Texas.

My biggest worry about the situation though is that he just looks so young. I feel no matter how many times he could say he's 25, I just don't see it, so I would constantly feel and act as though I was with someone younger and less mature, which is not the case at all, but it just feels like it.

I guess this week I should try and clear my mind of all things related to boys. I always tell friends when they have to decided between two guys to not talk to either one for a week and at the end of the week, see which one they miss and who's the first one they want to call.

I didn't mention the other day how I found a pic of me and HSSweetheart the other day during all my packing, so I text him. The pic was dated Aug. 23d, 2001. I found it on the 24th, almost exactly 8 yrs later to the date. He responded and told me that he had just found pics as well and wants to call me later this week to “catch up.” It makes me happy that we can be some form of 'friends' after all these years and all the ups and downs. It's time for me to be with someone like him again. A genuinely great guy. Affectionate, emotional, caring, passionate. Yup, I'm ready for another relationship that lasts longer than a year....I'm ready universe! Lead me to that guy!

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