Friday, September 4, 2009

Mr. Fearless...where are you?

September 3, 2009.

Happy birthday big sis!! Today was her 27th and it was awesome. We did the worlds at Epcot and I learned that I like Norwegian men. They are pretty darn a pic with one that should be my future husband. Perhaps I'll spend a summer in Disney and meet the man of my dreams.

I wish I had a boyfriend to return home to. First, I may not have anyone to pick me up from the airport tomorrow night. In a midday drunk-at-Disney state of mind I stupidly (and embarrassingly) sent a text to three boys I wouldn't mind having as my chauffeur's tomorrow. Laurie, North and Drummer. Just to see if any would be available and/or willing to pick me up.

Lacey has offered, but depending on what time I get in, she might be at work. Blah. I really don't want to spend money on a cab. Yuck.

Today was a whole lot of fun, but I really miss being around people my age with my same interests. I just became so damn boy crazy that I would check out anyone and everyone that appeared to be over the age of 18 and under the age of...well, 80. Not cool.

I keep daydreaming about North. Not sure this is such a great thing, but it sure is fun.

Sometimes though, I just can't picture myself with a boyfriend anymore. I'm a very independent woman and I need a guy who's okay with that. Sometimes, and I know this will sound horrible, but I feel too manly to be a girlfriend. I'm not feminine enough for most guys. I like dressing up and being girly, but more often then not, I like being strong, wise and powerful.

Alright...I need a fearless man to come my way!

Leaving Florida tomorrow and back to life as I know it in good old L.A. Can't wait!

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