Friday, September 4, 2009

Someday my Prince will come.

August 29, 2009.

First day in Disneyworld! It was splendid! It was just as magical as I remember it being the last time I was here which was when I was in highschool (almost ten years ago!).

To top off an amazing day, in the morning, right when we arrived we were spotted by a Disney employee who invited us to lead the afternoon parade! He saw us all wearing mickey ears with our names on them and knew we had the Disney spirit in us. I think my face hurt from smiling so much!

We rode in the very first car in the parade along with a couple from Puerto Rico who were there celebrating a birthday. Our only requirements were to smile and wave like the world depended on it. It wasn't hard to do. My mom was hysterically laughing for the first five minutes in disbelief. It was definitely an awesome experience that's pretty rare.

I was smiling and waving my heart out when I caught eyes with a boy (and when I say boy, I mean guy about my own age...25) in the crowd. I don't know why he stood out, but he was staring back at me. We only go about 2mph along the parade route, so we had a good long time to stare. I could feel myself blushing, but couldn't look away. Huh.

So, we finished the parade and went on with our day. It was so much fun and I love my family to death. For some reason it's hard for me to express my feelings of joy to them. Sometime ago I decided in my head that it wasn't ok for me to tell them I love them or miss them or am having the time of my life with them...I think it has to do with my fathers death, but that's a whole long story for a whole other time.

Anywho, I love them, I miss them and I'm having the time of my life with them!

We decided to make Toontown one of our last stops before the end of the night parade. We were traversing through Mickey Mouse's house when I turned around and saw the boy from the parade standing across from me. We locked eyes. I quickly looked away again and blushed. We kept walking, I turned back to look and we locked eyes again. Then we heard the train coming that was to take us back to Main Street, so we rushed over and got on it.

Ok, I know this is silliness, but my heart literally skipped when I saw that boy again. I mean, I thought it had fallen out of my chest for a moment. It was probably just a normal human reaction to a surprise filled moment, but I don't know. Disneyworld is full of magic...

Who knows if I'll see him again, because this could've been his last day here. But, I sort of feel like if I see him again, I have to introduce myself or something. I mean, what would be the chances...

It's funny though, because if I were with my girls from Cali, it would be a whole 'nother story. Flirting with guys in front of the fam....hmmm. Not sure how to go about that.

I'll just leave it up to fate. If it's meant to be, a moment that is too perfect to plan for will present itself. For now, I'm off to dream of Prince Charmings and shooting stars!

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