Friday, September 4, 2009

Goodbye Oaks!

August 28, 2009.


Sittin' in my bedroom in Manhattan more Sherman Oaks!! I'm completely moved out and moved on! So freaking exciting!

Yesterday was rather ridiculous. Nikki and I got up at 5:30, drove Lacey to the airport (she's off for yet another wedding) then headed back up to the valley as the sun was rising to finish cleaning our apartments. We cleaned until 11am, grabbed some lunch and headed back down to M.B. with a truck load of stuff.

We organized, showered and napped then it was back to the valley to do the finishing touches before heading out to see Drummer play a show in Glendale. When I got back to my apt I expected to be all set and final with my moving arrangements because Lil Bro had been there earlier and I had requested that he clean the microwave and swiffer since I pretty much did everything else. Well...when I got there, the place was still a mess. Awesome. So I cleaned as furiously and as fast as I possibly could. I was drenched in sweat. So much for looking cute for Drummer.

I was pretty pissed. But Nikki is awesome and she helped me get out of there as fast as I could. Then we grabbed a rewarding snack at McDonalds before heading to the show, however, I managed to spill McFlurry on my white shirt on the way...thank goodness for moving, because I had some clothes in the back of my car to change into. (Just to show you how ridiculous this past evening was, I had been sweating so badly from cleaning that I had taken my shirt off to avoid getting it all sweaty and disgusting, then went the the McD's drivethrough in my bra....needless to say, I made that guys night! Nikki was just cracking up the whole time.)

We finally made it to the show about 20min in, but we still got to see them play about 4 more songs. So, not too bad. Drummer is adorable. He gives great hugs. I can't wait to hang with him more. Tonight was kind of rushed. As soon as they were done packing their van they were ready to head back to T.O. But we invited them all to come hang on labor day weekend down in M.B. I hope they do.

I had been avoiding asking Drummer about that because I kept thinking, “well...what if North comes to hang?” But, I still have no word from North and I'm kind of over it. Bah!

Well, I just wanted to write real quick, hopefully I'll be able to post this soon, i've been sans internet due to moving, and I'm catching a flight in 6 hours to Florida to hang with the fam. I'll try to keep updating this week, but I make no promises!!

Drummer's adorable.

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