Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Eager...

March 2, 2009.

Ray has text me three times already since seeing him yesterday. He was MIA all last week after discussing how I have absolutely no time for a relationship. I guess he took the week to think about it, but then after hanging out yesterday, he’s back at it in full force! He wants to go to another movie this week. I’m not opposed to the idea, but not sure yet if I want to go just the two of us or invite Miguel and Lee so that it’s a little more friendly.

Tonight I’m hanging out with them (my fave couple). Think we’re gonna grab drinks and appetizers at a bar somewhere. For me it’ll have to be coffee and veggies. Still trying to get my body into a more desirable shape. It’s funny, I was researching places to go tonight, my requirements being cheap, fun and healthy eats. Then I noticed the side tab that I could click for great places for singles to go. I considered clicking it, but didn’t. I suppose L.A. bars are not the greatest places to meet relationship men.

I keep thinking about Will today. He’s back in the states and I’m sure exhausted and jet lagged. I’m dying to write him and once again put my efforts into him visiting me out here! I just want to see his adorable face in person. It kills me to know there’s this great guy out there and we could potentially have a great relationship, but he’s across the country, in a completely different world than me. Ugh. How completely and utterly unfair.

Alright, I’ve spent way too many hours in this coffee house. I know there are other important things I should be doing today, but I have forgotten what they are…I’m going home.

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