Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alone at last!!

March 14, 2009.

This is my first night being the only inhabitant in my apartment. My roommates are gone!! Their stuff is all gone and the apartment looks, feels and is huge!! I love it and all I want to do is open a six pack or a bottle of wine and celebrate with someone. But for the first time since being in California, there is absolutely no one that I want to call. I have a phone full of names, but the only one I can see being any fun to celebrate with, would be Ray and I worry that if he comes over to celebrate things will turn a little more than friendly and I honestly don’t want that, or I’d have called him by now.

It’s strange for me to be in this position. No one to flirt with or no one I want to flirt with. I could call Adain, but he’d be expecting sex and I don’t know if he’s fun enough without some sort of distraction like t.v./a movie, which is nearly impossible when you don’t own a television or DVD player. Then there’s…Beard, but again, don’t know how long we’d be able to entertain ourselves without media. And I kinda want to text Liam, but I haven’t talked to him since that terrible night at the bar…but perhaps, this would be the perfect chance to reconcile…hmmm. I might just do that. I need someone to celebrate with! I’m 24, gorgeous, happy and have my very own place, at least for two more weeks. Then, I should definitely get a roommate, but for now, it’s all mine!!! I’m super psyched. Ok, I think I’m gonna text Liam. What’s the worse that could happen? He doesn’t respond at all. Oh well, we aren’t talking as is anyway.

I just want to state for the record that no matter how stressful my life seems to get at times due to money and work, etc, I really love my life right now.

Ok, so I just went to my phone to text Liam and I realized that in an effort to not do that, I had deleted his number after that disastrous day. So, no Liam lovin’ for me! Ha, how ironic. Is that irony or just plain good old, disaster avoidance planning? Well, so here I am back to square one. No one to celebrate with. My C’s peeps are all going to the Barrel again tonight and I would go, but I really don’t want to see Mike or Zack tonight. I’m still really grossed out by what happened with Zack the other night and I lost a lot of respect for him and just don’t need to be anywhere near him these day.

So, again, here I am by my lonesome (but I’m not really lonely, a little bored yes, but not lonely) and no one to celebrate with. I don’t even have anyone to fun, flirtatiously text with anymore. Wow, lame. I should be showering and going to bed, but I’m up and wide awake now and have a big empty apt all to myself and no one to share it with!

Where are all the eligibles? Why’s it so hard for me to find one? Argh!

Ok, well I’ll update if tonight turns into something incredible and unexpected. Later!

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