Friday, June 26, 2009

I am Supergirl...

June 26, 2009.

“What happens in San Diego, stays in San Diego!” This is what we cheers to in our hotel room yesterday before heading out to the Gaslamp District for some heavy partying.

Well, I won't disclose my girls stories, but I'll fill you all in on mine!

We spent the day on the beach, almost got a tattoo, learned of M.J's passing (thought the guy who told us was joking), then headed back to our hotel to get dolled up and go out and paint San Diego red!

We drank a whole bottle of vodka while getting ready. When the cab driver dropped us off, we climbed out, lookin' hot and full of confidence. As we passed restaurant after restaurant, heads were turning, but with looks of disgust. We're definitely not in L.A. anymore, Toto. People hated us! This was hilarious to us and it just made us all act up more. We went crazy.

We finally landed at a Mexican restaurant that seemed to fit our style. Actually, the group of Navy guys that were sitting outside shouting at us as we passed is what really drew us in. We grabbed a round of drinks, ordered some food and invited the Navy boys to join us at the table. And join us, they did.

They decided to head out to another bar and we soon headed out as well. The night was full of promises. We walked by a bar with a mechanical bull in the window...naturally we had to go in. Jess, Lacey and my friend A.E. (from back home who was visiting Diego this week also) all took turns riding the bull. I videotaped. We met a real like cowboy named Tex who let us try on his cowboy hat and grab his ass in admiration.

Then we quickly were on to the next bar like children with A.D.H.D. I wish I could tell you names of bars we went to, but I have no idea. I just know that we went to at least four different bars last night.

So, while at the second to last bar of the evening, Lacey and I were outside in the patio area and all night we had been shouting at pedicab drivers that they were, “Too cute to be a driver!” Who knows what that even meant, but it was fun and they seemed to like it. So, while outside on this patio, there were three pedicab drivers in front of us. I just pointed at them and started shouting, “Too cute!” They soon walked over to us and started chatting. We learned that all three of them were from Turkey. One of them claimed it was his first day, another said it was his second and the third said he'd been working for 5. They had thick accents and didn't speak English very well, but we tried to have a conversation. They were pretty cute.

Lacey and I returned to inside the bar and were dancing with Nikki when I had the brilliant idea to go outside and kiss the cab drivers. Lacey had stated earlier that she wanted to make out with people that night. So, I said, “Let's just go out there and start making out with them!” So we ran outside, approached our two favorites and Lacey laid one on her guy. I sort of chickened out, but proceeded to chat more with mine. I don't even know what we were talking about. But I did give him my number.

Then we were off to our final bar of the evening. A.E. had decided he needed to head home, so I waited for his ride outside of the bar with him. After they showed up and we said our goodbyes, I walked back to the bar, which conveniently passed by the pedicab drivers on the way. So, as I walked by, I grabbed the one I had exchanged numbers with and kissed him. He was a great kisser. Very passionate. I was in love.

He told me had been nervous because I was with that guy (A.E.) and I told him he didn't have to worry, that A.E. was family.

Then I went into the bar and met up with my girls again. Had a shot that some guy handed me, Nikki and Lacey. Danced a bit, then wanted to make out with Pedicab some more. I went outside and walked back over to him. We made out for a good like 20 min. He was so adorable. He kept telling me that he was so happy and that he wished I lived in San Diego or that he could live in L.A. and I could be his girlfriend. And he wasn't even the drunk one.

I was having such a good time with him on the side of the street, just kissing and every once in awhile we'd stop and he'd bust some kind of move, then giggle and kiss me again. Seriously, I was smitten. He hadn't given any rides the whole night and I told him, “You're not making any money!” And he'd just smile and say, “I don't need money. I'm not working.”

I said goodbye (for now) to him and headed back into the bar. Not more than 5 minutes after being in the bar again, someone grabbed my hand on the dance floor, kissed it, then pulled me close and started dancing with me. He was a really good dancer. I let my body just go limp as he carried me away to the music.

He was from Austria. Vienna to be exact. He twirled me, dipped me, spun me, pulled me close and soon after kissed me. I felt sick. Not in my stomach, but in my heart. I proceeded to make out with Vienna, all the while trying to glance outside and see if Pedicab was watching. The bars were right next to eachother and we were making out in front of the window. I felt bad, because I really had enjoyed my brief drunken time with Pedi. I thought he was genuinely adorable and sweet and he made me smile. I didn't want to hurt him.

Vienna and I danced and kissed until the night was over. As the crowd filtered onto the street, I kept looking around for Pedi and trying not to be near Vienna so that if Pedi was around, Vienna couldn't kiss me in front of him.

Then, I spotted Pedi, across the street, watching. Vienna swooped in and kissed me. Damn! Damn! I recoiled and jumped into a cab that had just pulled up. I started to tear up a bit. I was very sad. Sad that I hurt Pedi. My phone beeped and I checked it. It was a text from Pedi. Here is the conversation that followed:

Before we left the bar, Pedi had sent this and I hadn't noticed: “Hi, you don't answer phone but before you gone I wanna hug you.”

I noticed this when I got into the cab and was saddened by his sweetness.

Ok, so here's what happened next:

Pedi: You are not supergirl erase my number...

(he had put me in his phone as Irene Supergirl)

Me: I want to be your supergirl...I won't erase your number.

Pedi: Go to the bar and be supergirl of same boy I don't know I am upset eraseeeeeee. By Irene.

Me: I'm sorry. I'm really sad right were on my mind all night. I understand though if you are angry. I would be too. Good luck. I hope you find happiness...

Pedi: If you thought me alnight why I saw u kisses with another boy? I only wonder that

Me: I won't make excuses. I kissed another boy and I felt terrible. It doesn't make any sense but i'm terribly sad now. I don't know you at all, but I know I couldn't stop smiling when I was with you and I'm sad now. So i'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad.

Pedi: Now I am at home and thinking you oww I don't know what I do. But I said when I saw you kissing with boy I couldn't believe my eyes anyway smile everytime...

So, there you have the beginning and end of my relationship with the cute Turkish Pedicab driver. I'm amazed at how sad I got. I like, genuinely like him! I mean, yeah, maybe it was the alcohol, but I don't normally get that attached to drunken kisses.

So, onto the next chapter of the evening. Vienna's friend was quite smitten with Lacey as well, so she had told them where our hotel was and that they could come party if they wanted. Neither of us expected them to actually show up. I was sitting outside moping about my lost Pedi love when a cab pulled up and out walked Vienna and his friend. Vienna found me on the stairs and hugged me and kissed me and asked what was going on in my head.

I wanted to tell him that I'm a horrible person and that I broke some stranger's heart and that I just felt like shit. But I didn't.

We walked up to my room where everyone else had gone and I dropped off my purse, then we went to sit outside and chat. I learned that he just turned 30 in May. He's a Gemini. Go figure. His english was little rough also, but it was kind of charming because I would say things he didn't understand and he would repeat it and then say, “What is the meaning of this?”

He was so in tune with my body language though, he knew I was upset about something and kept asking. He told me to “Get out of my head, stop thinking so much.”

We just sat outside, kissing and holding one another for the next 2 ½ hours. He was very comforting. Just a very calm presence. He told me that I should visit Austria sometime. He said it was unfortunate that we live so far apart. I told him that I wanted to sleep next to him all night. He said we should get a hotel room so that we could.

I was exhausted and I think at one moment I fell asleep in his arms. It was just so comfortable and at one moment we were looking in each others eyes and I had the thought I knew him. As if we'd met before.

Then he said to me, “This feels familiar. As if we've known eachother for years.” He was reading my mind. Finally, I was just way too tired to stay out there anymore. We exchanged numbers and talked about the possibility of seeing one another on sunday. His flight back to Austria is out of LAX, so he was thinking he would be back in L.A. and we could meet up. Hmmm...

We kissed goodnight and I passed out with four hours left to sleep.

At least we were all laughing about our hijinks from the previous night this morning. We stopped to get breakfast before hitting the road back home and Vienna text me. He proceeded to text me again and again trying to convince me to stay an extra day. I wish I could, but reality calls.

So, I told him to meet me in L.A. on sunday. Then, he text with the idea of coming sooner, as in, tonight or tomorrow. Wow. I would like to see him again, but he's from Austria and not planning on moving here anytime soon, so honestly what's the point? He sent me this text midway through the day:

“Honestly, I thought a little about last eve and I really enjoyed spending the time with you, I think it was one of the most relaxing parts so far. Stupid being so far away from each other but we should definitely discuss about it on sunday hmmm.”

Well, I managed to have two foreigners fall in love with me in one day. Maybe I am supergirl...


  1. You have supergirl potential for sure! Rock on girlfriend. What a crazy ass story, but damn fun!

  2. OMG!! Can't believe you were in SD!! Wish I was there to meet you! Glad you had fun!

  3. You may have gotten one foreigner to fall in love with you, but you chose the guy who just wanted to fuck you instead. Kind of the same way you punish Todd because he respects your wishes, then reward Madrid's bad behavior by fucking him. I detect a pattern.

  4. why were people looking at you guys like that?

  5. Anonymous: Yes, there is a pattern. I like assholes. I'll fully admit to that. However, neither one of those guys in SD "just wanted to fuck me." And I didn't choose the Austrian...he hunted me down, which I was not expecting. Plus, we didn't have sex.

    Just clarifying a little.