Friday, June 5, 2009

If I were Invisible...

June 4, 2009.

Wow. So, where did I leave off?

Worked yesterday and so tired of having people I work with tell me, “When it's right it'll happen.” “When you stop looking is when love will find you.” “Give off positive energy and people will be more attracted to you.” Blah blah blah blah.

Ok, so I've stopped looking. I'm a very positive person, I'm patiently waiting for the timing to be right. Stop it!

Felt like a joke last night. I was the only server on and every single table I got was a date. Haha, ok, I get it universe, very funny. Then the ipod we have at work started playing, “You're nobody till somebody loves you...”. I hate that this is how society feels.

Ugh. Anywho, on a brighter note, I had the most fantabulous day with my girls. We all had the day off and decided to spoil ourselves. And spoil ourselves we did. We went to Paradise Cove in Malibu and managed to befriend a few boys here and there. But no numbers were exchanged (ok one number that Lacey got), just some friendly convo.

Then we ended the night at the Whiskey a go-go. We went because Pete invited me a week ago since he knew the band that was playing. I agreed to go, because I've been feeling rather guilty about not seeing/hanging with him for so long. I want to be friends with him still, I've just been so ridiculously busy and I feel like him, Miguel and Lee are all taking it personally and if I don't see them soon, then they'll all be out of my life completely.

It was ok, but I just felt as if the entire crowd was 18 and under and I felt too old to be there. Plus, I love Nikki, but man it gets frustrating when every single guy gravitates toward her. I don't stand a chance at meeting guys when I'm out with her. One guy didn't even see me. Literally, I was invisible. Ugh.

So, I could've done without the Whiskey tonight, as I'm sure all the girls would agree, but we had our fun.

Called Todd on the way to the show, returning his call from earlier. He was quite cute, he said, “I feel like I haven't seen you in a month!”

And I told him I'd text him when I was heading home to see if he's still awake and I did, actually hoping to see him, and of course, he was asleep and didn't hear my text.

I just couldn't help but think all night, after being surrounded with a-holes, 'what's so bad about having a guy that's actually in to me? Why shouldn't I spend some time around someone who really enjoys my company?'

Oy, so a little while later he text me, he must've woken up and seen my missed texts and responded, “I'm awake! Shit, always missing u...k, ttyl.”

But, I called him back. I was already for bed, but I figured I owed him a call and I wanted to make plans for tomorrow with him. So, I work until about 9:30ish and then we're gonna hang out.

Oh man, and I remembered something I haven't told anyone yet...not even you my blog followers. The other night, I guess it was Saturday, when Todd was sleeping over, I was having trouble falling asleep and I was tossing and turning a bit and all of a sudden, Todd started mumbling and very clearly said, “ Mmm, I miss Pug.”

Um, excuse me?? Ha, he was thinking/dreaming/subconsciously missing his dog. Well, it's his roommates dog. But, it was really weird to hear him mutter that in his sleep. I mean, I get it, Pug is the only one he's slept with continually in the past two years. But really?? Weird...

Ok, just thought that was pretty funny.

Also, on a random note, Encino text me tonight. Kind of got excited about that. Haven't seen him since February and I do believe he's single, there's that. But, I'm not looking, remember? Hell, naw!



  1. Loved how you just quoted Clay Aiken in your blog post title, hahaha.