Monday, June 1, 2009

Romance is not dead...

"Thank you for a perfect weekend! Sat night & this morning were amazing. Can't wait to see you again. Raving about you all day;)" ~Todd

Got home about an hour ago and this was an email that Todd had sent me along with this picture of the rose he bought me last night. We were leaving The Great Greek and a woman approached us selling flowers for a ridiculous $10 a piece. Todd of course opened his wallet and bought me one. When we got into his car I said, "Do you remember that you bought me a rose the night we met?"

"Of course I do." He's definitely a romantic.

Well, I forgot the rose in his car, but he saved it for me and it's waiting at his apt. Very sweet. We have plans to hang out tomorrow night. I'm still a bit hesitant about it all, but I do know that all night I've been thinking about him and wanting to see him again as soon as possible. So that's a good sign.

Alright, way past my bedtime. I've got things to do in the morning, so adieu, I'll update tomorrow!


  1. so what does this todd character do for a living?

    anyone can be romantic in the beginning. his lack of experience with girls may make him more clingy and less understanding.

    when it comes to todd, im gonna play devil's advocate. :P

  2. Um, he's far. ;)

  3. btw have you ever watched the show 'how i met your mother?' if not, you HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO watch it from season 1, episode 1.

  4. will: Todd works in the medical supplies company and is doing rather well. He's worked with the same company for quite some time and they take business vacations together to exotic places (four times a year). It's pretty ridiculous.

    And I appreciate you playing devil's advocate!