Friday, June 12, 2009

What a girl wants...

June 12, 2009.

Ok, I swear I didn't manufacture this letter...this is the second response I got from Todd after emailing him. The first one he just reassured me that everything was fine and he understands my position, "more than I could know", and I emailed him back, relieved that he felt that way and doesn't hate me. So this is what he wrote me this morning:

"How could I ever hate you? I meant to call last night, but our game went late and we won 17-2, and we were so wrapped up in the victory and literally exhausted, but scored plenty and felt amazing again to play and I must say....I still got it!

Ill call you when I get a sec to breath here at the office. I want to see you tonight to just talk and tell you how I feel and my thoughts on 'us' and your email. I think you'll find my position is similiar towards yours. Just look at this week, I've wanted to see you, but my week is so busy and my work and business are always #1..and I don't know how I could ever have a relationship where it's weekend based only.

This is the thing I do know, I like having you back in my life, the way you are around my friends, and your personality, it's exciting, my ideal situation would be, we continue hanging out, having fun at parties, dinners, and vacations, balancing work, career, and play.

I'm sorry, if costa rica was too much, sounded like a blast to me, and I meant it as a fun get away. I also booked a couple rooms in AZ, scottsdale!!! for the 4th as well. Which i wanted to invite you and your entourage, as well, with my pals, I just enjoy having a great time and with that, I always want great company.

I never once thought you were only interest in $$$, so throw that out the window.

I'll call you soon, I'm emailing some of what I wanted to talk about, ;)


Um...can I just say, amazing? And now I'm thinking Costa Rica may not be completely out of the question. Ok, so this isn't just a trick to get me to think he's a great guy so I'll want to be in a relationship, is it?? I don't think so. Because I honestly believe that work comes #1 for him, like he said. He'd probably make room for me in his life, but I wouldn't necessarily take priority in his life.

Now's the hard part, where we figure out how to balance this all, while still remaining "single". It gets pretty blurry when attempted, so I'm not exactly sure how this will all work, but I'm feeling good about it at the moment. And now, I might just have 4th of July plans!


  1. He sounds like a very cool, understanding guy. Lucky!

  2. Awesome! And maybe just try not to think about the staying single part so much...when it comes time to make that decision you'll surely make the one that's right for you, in the meantime roll with it and have fun :) It's what I'm trying to do and I must say it's working out quite well.

  3. ok..... todd's stock just JUMPED!!

    he is at a 55% rating now!!