Monday, June 1, 2009


June 1, 2009.

Happy June everyone! Halfway through the year! Holy Crow!

Well, I'm supposed to have dinner and a movie with Todd in an hour, but Nikki text me earlier saying that she's got us free tickets to the Viper room tonight and I'm kinda totally excited/more interested in doing that tonight.

I text Todd and told him that I forgot I had these plans with Nikki and would have to leave around “10:20ish” if he did still want to do dinner, but I didn't want “rush it”. So I lied. I feel bad about it. If we are about to start a relationship of any sort, I don't want to have lies be a part of it. No sir.

Haven't heard back from him yet, don't know if he wants to reschedule or still go ahead as planned. I'm a little nervous that he hasn't text me back yet, because I don't know what he wants! Is he upset?

Ugh. I guess it's probably not a great sign that I'd rather go out with my girls than hang out with him, but they're my girls. I'd be nowhere without them. I need them in my life more than I need a man right now.'s not really a tough choice. Plus, he keeps telling me that he loves that I'm so independent. Well, Miss Independent wants to go out tonight.

I'm sure he was expecting me to come over and spend the night and now that I have to leave, it changes the whole mood. I really wanna be able to do both, but we shall see. He better text me soon or I'm not gonna know whether or not to head down to his place!

Also, I just went to visit Nikki at work and Boss was there. I'm looking pretty slammin' right now, if I may say so myself (short shorts, see-through T and some hot red heels...) Boss was lookin'. Not gonna lie, I wanted him to notice. As I was leaving, he goes, “Do you have a date tonight?” And I said, “I do!” and kept walking and he goes, “Is that a yes?” and I said, “Yeah!” and as I walked out the door I heard him say, “Cause you look hot!”


I couldn't help but laugh about it a little because, I'll be honest. I have a crush on Boss. I have since the first time I worked there (a year ago). But, I just never let it blossom or let it be known to anyone, because there was never a point. He's had the same girlfriend for as long as I've known him.

But now, I feel like we've taken our relationship to the next level of flirtatiousness where we both kind of know that we're “joking” but if the other wanted to be serious, we'd totally be ok with that.

And I just think it's funny how I can see a “Boss” chapter happening in my life eventually. Who knows when. Now is definitely not the time, but somewhere down the line. It's almost as if my life has foreshadowing in it. Bizarre...

P.S. Thanks for all your comments on my previous blogs. I really do like to know your thoughts on my stories. It's fun to see the responses and even the tough love! Keep 'em comin'!


  1. Have fun going out tonight!
    ...And if something as little as having to leave dinner earlier than expected one night makes the guy upset...well, you don't want him anyways ;)

  2. Um...good for you for going out with the ladies (or at least wanting to, I don't know how your night ended...haha). No problem with that if you ask me (which you didn't, but oh well)!