Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Irene Allison Checks into Rehab, Puts Feature Film on Hold.

June 2, 2009.

If I were a famous movie star already. I'd be checking into rehab this morning...

I had vodka. And redbull. I had vodka redbull. Which is kind of like speed in liquid form. I never drink that combo and think I probably never will again.

I didn't think I had that much, but wow. The night is a little blurry but I remember dancing, drinking, hitting on guys shamelessly, making out (I think) and then leaving the bar in tears. Correction, leaving the bar weeping. Woke up this morning confused as to how I even got into my own bed unscathed.

The tabloids would have read this morning: “America's Biggest Mess” and had a picture of me, drunk with mascara running down my face. Ha!

At least I'm laughing about it this morning.

Ok, so rewind to last night at 7:30. Todd text me and told me to go have fun and to carpool with the girls because that's half the fun! So brownie points. Then he told me I could still call him later. Well, this never works out because he always goes to bed early since he's a working man and gets up with the sunrise. However, on the way to the Viper Room, I text him and told him to make sure he stays up because I really want to see him later. He replied that he was pounding redbulls and watching youtube in order to stay awake for me. More brownie points.

The Viper was a lot of fun. The band was really good and we danced. A very handsome tall guy walked by me and I was only on my second drink (the first I had at home before we left) so I didn't think I was that drunk, but I was definitely feeling feisty. I looked him square in the eyes and said, “You're cute!”

“Thanks, so are you.” ~ Tall Dude

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Um, yeah.” and I walked back to the girls.

He passed again a little bit later and I grabbed his arm and said, “You're still cute, I didn't mean you weren't since you have a girlfriend.” and I think out of pity he proceeded to tell me that I was “beautiful”. We laughed and that was that.

Then after the Viper the guys in the band were heading down to another bar and told us to join. So we did. Oh yeah, back up. At the Viper, I had two vodka reds and hit on the bartender and left him my number. Why am I so lame when I drink? Ha, I think I told the 'tender that he had great “locks”. He had long black hair, it was rather sexy.

So on to this other bar. I must've gotten a drink. I don't remember having another one or why I had another one, but I must've. I remember striking up another conversation with yet another tall guy, I think he was from NY or something and so we had something to talk about. And then what I think happened was that I started making out with him. Don't remember if this was reciprocated or if I just pounced. Then I think I asked if he had a girlfriend and when he said “yes” I turned and walked away and then I remember weeping and having my girls around me consoling me. God, I turned into America's Most Pathetic Woman.

This is so not my style. It's like the Redbull took over my body last night and I had no control any longer. Out Demons! Out!

God what a weird night. I text Todd this morning apologizing for not calling last night and explaining that I had too much to drink and passed out when I got home. He responded:

“LOL, no prob girl! Haha. Seriously, you did call me at 1:30, I was half asleep, I couldn't hear you too well a lot of background noise and you were definitely wasted!! I like your style...reminds me of...me, ha. Get some rest!”

Oh no I didn't! Ugh. Alcohol cleanse, anyone? Now I feel like I can't ever go back to sunset. Ha! I know, I'm just being stupid. Every night there are twenty other girls that make even worse fools of themselves than I did.

I feel like I was such a brat last night. I need to get the whole story from Nikki tonight at work. If I find out anything juicier, I'll fill you in!


  1. Haha, it happens to the best of us!

  2. Hehehe... sounds like an interesting night out! And Red Bull Vodkas always kill me!

  3. Sounds downright tame compared to some of the awful debaucherous nights I've had in recent months! Glad to hear you had fun. And if that's as far as it goes you're far, far, far away from requiring rehab just yet ;)

  4. this todd character is growing on me... he is currently at 22% approval.

    hot girls getting drunk and making out with strangers.... why am i never at these parties?! haha jk.