Monday, January 12, 2009

Coffee Jitters

January 12, 2009.

As I entered my favorite coffee shop, I over heard the boy at his laptop saying to his friend, "I just want a cute girl I can watch horror movies with, is that too much to ask?" I think it is too much to ask here in L.A. I just want a cute guy I can cuddle with, go out to coffee with, go to the beach with, go running with. Is that too much to ask?

Went to extra work this morning, met a few people, but I think I'm learning how not to attract guys. Be completely uninterested, immerse yourself in a book or magazine, don't laugh at their jokes and rarely smile in their direction. I still manage to make friends, but it's just that...friends and not lovers. I like it. It's a feeling of power.

I really do want a boyfriend though. I just need a friend, really. It's so hard in L.A. to be alone, all the time. I'm finding though that I'm enjoying my roommates more. Recently they've come out of their couple shell and they feel more like friends to me then they have all year. It's nice. Last night when I got home, we just sat and chatted, no tv, no video, just the three of us sharing stories with one another.

Well, I think unfortunately, tonight is going to be an eventless evening. I have some shopping at Target and then perhaps I'll go catch a movie, by myself. Nice. I'll update later if anything super exciting is to occur!

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