Monday, January 26, 2009

Victory is Mine!

January 24, 2009

VICTORIOUS! Ok. So, Lindsay, Margaret and I were all booked to work on the Hallmark movie today. What a great day! It was pretty much an all girl day so not too many manly distractions. Except, I will say the P.A. that checked us in bright and early was extremely handsome. We all made a point to remember his name and use it as many times as possible during the day.

Then, we came home and vegged out for a bit until Nate got off work and we all headed to a house party for one of his coworkers who is leaving town in a week. I wasn’t too psyched, because the last time we went to a house party at this particular place I was a third wheel and Margaret and Nate closed themselves up with one of the hosts and smoked a bowl for a good 30 to 45 min. I stood outside and awkwardly pretended I was on the phone, so I wouldn’t have to talk to the jocks that were outside smoking. It was awful.

Well, this time, Lindsay was here and she was ready to mingle! So, we were one anothers wing-woman and we had a blast! We got lots of male attention and made many friends. Plus, Liam, the guy who I’ve got a major crushy-crush on, walked through the door. Hallelujah! We’ve hung out a few times, but I never gave him my number as respect for Nate, because he’s his friends and I don’t want to cross any boundaries. But tonight, I decided that was bullshit and boundaries needed to be crossed. I just can’t keep my eyes off of him. He’s adorable and I think he has the same thought about me.

Lindsay and I worked our charm on these men and the party was full of drool over our smiley eyes and shining smiles. Margaret and Nate decided that they’d had enough and let it be known that “whenever we want to go, is cool.” But Lindsay and I were clearly just getting started. We decided one more beer from the keg and we’d be good. So we let out our last valiant flirtatious efforts and decided to leave the guys wanting more.

I went to say goodbye to Liam and his roomie (I adore them both) and I finally exchanged numbers with Liam…FINALLY! I couldn’t be happier. I want to so bad right now just text him and admit what a crush I have on him…but I’m gonna train myself to be a littler harder to get. Not rush into things. I’m still respecting the ring and even if Liam and I do end up hanging out more, there will be no sleepovers and no nookie, just like I previously stated.

Liam gave me a great goodbye hug and offered to drive me and Lindsay home if we perchance did want to stay a bit longer, but we do have to get up bright and early again, so we decided we needed to leave in order to get as much beauty sleep as possible. But, I have plans to ensnare adorable Liam on Tuesday night with the temptation of wings and beer at wing night. We shall see…I’m super excited. I’m happy Lindsay’s here, because she’s helping me see that my roommates are a bit crazy, and I need to not let them take control of my life as much as I do now. Major changes in 2009. I love it! Still “engaged”, still abstaining, still happy and going strong!

Updates soon.

P.S. Tony called me while I was at the party. I think he really misses me. Two nights in a row! That’s a first since last January when we were actually dating. I like that I don’t have the urge to call him back or run right over when he calls anymore, but I can still talk with him and make plans to hang out. As he stated tonight, it’s my turn to call him this week so we can set up a play date. I sort of want to, but I also sort of don’t. It’s interesting…

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