Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gonna Be a Happy Year

January 18, 2009.

I’m very excited! I had church this morning and Margaret and I signed up for the women’s study group, which is going to take place on Wednesday evening. The pastor, Pastor Ric caught us at the coffee counter they have and chatted us up for a bit. He highly recommended that we attend the singles group they have. Hmm…lots of single Christian men. Not sure I can handle that!

Margaret and I then went to Barnes and Noble to get the book we need for this Wednesday. We both read through the first chapter and it was all about making room in your life for worship. Worship before work. Kind of ironic since I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go to the meeting this Wednesday if I get booked on a job. I do desperately need the money, but God should come first.

Improv this evening was a little rusty, but practicing felt good. Only one more rehearsal before we do our next show. John, one of the heads of the company noticed my ring and noted aloud, “That’s a shiny ring!” And I replied, “It’s not a real ring, well, it’s a real ring, but it’s not actually an engagement ring. I wear it to keep people away.” Then they all made a big deal of it and Brad added it into our introductions while rehearsing our show. “Let’s welcome our players…and here’s the next lovely lady who wears a ring to keep the men away, Irene!” Oh boy, I hope he doesn’t do that during the actual show.

Again, I just feel it unnecessary to lie to this group of people as well. Harmless…I hope. After practice I had a meeting with John to discuss this upcoming year at the theater. I expressed interest in a few of the shows and he was excited to hear that I was interested in ‘Medea’. He in turn expressed interest in having me play the part of Medea. Which is exciting, thrilling, terrifying, and worrisome all in one.

Now here’s another thing. They have acting classes for their members during the day on Wednesdays. So how coincidental and perfect is it that I could take Wednesdays off to pursue acting and worship as well as Sundays off to pursue church and improv. It just seems so perfect and it also fills my schedule with incredibly beneficial things and gives me less time to think about men. I love it. This year is going to kick some major butt!

Just on another note: I feel as though Tony’s been reaching out to me more lately. Maybe he’s lonely and needs a friend. Maybe he misses me. Maybe he’s in love and finally realizing it. Totally kidding on that last part. But, it’s kind of funny how it’s worked out since I vowed to keep him out of my 2009 life. But perhaps he’s suppose to experience 2009 with me and I’m meant to help him, spiritually, perhaps, emotionally, perhaps, who knows why, but I’m glad we can be a part of one another’s lives in a healthy way; at least a healthier way.

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