Thursday, February 26, 2009

All the good ones really are taken...what's up with that?

February 25, 2009.

Not much to report. Just a query: Why are all the adorable, seemingly normal guys already married? Why are only the weird, awkward, unattractive inside and out guys left? It's really not fair. Just because I didn't want to get married when I was 19to my high school sweatheart means I get whatever's left over? Totally not fair.

Ray has officially stopped talking to me. I think Adain was a little shocked that I didn't pick him up from the airport yesterday...Guys are over it, I think. Will gets back into the states in another five days. Can't wait! I can't stop thinking about him and every time I do, I can't stop smiling...I think that's a good sign.

Pete text me today asking if I would accompany him to a party in March at his dad's best friend's place in the hills. He wants my company so he won't be "bored out of his mind". I told him i'd go. I'm all for an adventure! I told him we should make up a story that we just got engaged and I'm already two months preggers. I think he likes the idea...I don't know if I can actually go through with it, but it sure would be humorous.

Let's see...anything else to report? Hmmm...drawing a blank. Think I may attempt a short lived trip to the beach tomorrow if I get out early enough from work. It would be nice to take a jog by the ocean again. It's great. Updates tomorrow!

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