Sunday, February 8, 2009

Better late than never??

February 8, 2009.

Today was semi-uneventful…just what I needed. We didn’t go to set today. We were probably supposed to but we really wanted the day off. I did a lot of errands. Received a myspace message from an old “friend”. The message said, “I was an asshole.” So, I text him after I saw the message and said, “You were an asshole.” To which he responded, “I know, and I’m terribly sorry for that too. I hope you can forgive me, I know I ruined a good friendship.”

Now, I’ll give you a bit of history. This was my friend Adain who I met last summer through work. He started fooling around with a friend of mine and they were constantly fighting and I was constantly in the middle of it because I was the neutral friend. Well, time went by, they eventually ended their fling and I became Adain’s next target. I thought, “Hmm…maybe, I mean we make great friends…maybe the sex could be pretty good.” It was not. We fooled around for about a week and then I never heard from him again. Until about a month later when he had begun a relationship with a girl he met online. And he acted as if nothing ever happened between us. So whatever, there really was no chemistry, but I had hoped to retain the friendship, but I was pissed.

So, here we are about four months later and he’s single yet again and now he’s decided to apologize for being an asshole. Guys really blow.

I did hear from Ray today because I had suggested we go to see “The Wrestler”. But, I chickened out when he called. I kept thinking about him all day. I needed to hear his positivity filled voice. I need that in my life. I shall hang out with him soon.

Off to bed for me, I have to be on set again in the morning and need my beauty sleep. So, adieu; more news to come tomorrow.

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