Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saddle me up!

February 11, 2009.

Alright. I have to first start off by saying we met A.J. from the Backstreet Boys last night. That’s right. Welcome to Hollywood.

I wish I could say the entire evening was just as wonderful, but it was not. It just verified all my thoughts that L.A. men are douchholes. We started the night at wing night with Miguel, Lee, Ryan and Pete, then we did some drinking at our apt. before heading to Saddle Ranch in Hollywood. We were planning on meeting up with Sean and Agent.

Also, earlier that evening Liam had text me. Apparently, I drunk text him the previous night and said, “Ok…come play. Or I’m over it.” He didn’t respond until about 5pm yesterday. So, he said he’d hang out last night. Then he text me around 9 30pm saying he’d gotten free tickets to see Dane Cook, would I be up late? I said, yeah, but I wasn’t sure where I’d be.

Well, when Agent said that he’d be at Saddle Ranch in Hollywood, I thought that was perfect because Dane Cook plays at the Laugh Factory, which is right down the street. So I shot Liam a text letting him know we were there. We met up with Sean and Agent, had a couple of drinks. Wandered the bar because I didn’t really want to spend the whole night flirting with Agent and give him the wrong idea.

At one point, Miguel and Lee, Lindsay and I were outside on the smoker’s patio. This group of guys next to us started chatting up Lee, so I intervened and pretended to be her wife. The one guy looks at me and says, “Well, you’re not so bad yourself…” Ew. Even if I was a lesbian and that was my wife, he assumes we’d be up for something with him? Dream on. Then another of his friends approached and put his arm around Lee and I stepped in and said, “Hey, hey, hey, hands off.” And I think it freaked him out a little and he backed off and just kept saying, “Yo, I’m sorry dude. Bro, I’m married, too. Don’t freak out dude.” Apparently since I’m a lesbo, I am no longer a woman either, I’m a ‘dude’ and a ‘bro’. I couldn’t believe how naïve and stupid they were being. The epitome of L.A. guys. So we decided it would be a better idea to head back inside to avoid further confrontation. I’m not even gay and I’m so offended by how those guys treated us last night. Absolutely no respect.

Anywho, 1 15am rolled around and still no word from Liam. I shot him a text asking what time he’d be out. No response. Agent and Sean were acting way creepy so we had been avoiding them and were trying to leave before we even had to say goodbye. I received a text from Liam around 1 30am saying he’d just gotten out. I called him ten minutes after the text and he didn’t answer. We were hoping he’d be our ride home…Lindsay tried calling him also and got no answer, but left a message. We left the bar completely avoiding good-byes with Agent and Sean and hopped in a cab.

Agent text me after that, saying, “Where’d you guys go?” And Lindsay and I were literally the last people out the door of Saddle Ranch, so I said, “What the fuck do you mean? We were the last people to leave, you guys were already gone.” Then he tried calling me later, but I didn’t answer. I don’t really want anything to do with him.

Now it’s 11am and no word from Liam, even after repeated texts and phone calls. Like I said, over it. I’m gonna delete his number so that I don’t ever accidentally drunk text him again. Over it. Where are all the good guys??????

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