Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Days

February 1, 2009

Today was exhausting! Lindsay and I spent 14 hours on set of the Hallmark movie. We felt super special because the director, producer, AD’S, PA’s, etc all paid lots of attention to us. We stayed extra late and did some stand-in work. We chatted up the crew and tried to make some great connections. No one noticed the ring on my hand and no one really flirted with me much either. It was nice.

I feel like the ring is becoming less and less noticeable. Maybe I’m just becoming less and less “available” with my actions. Lindsay did lots of flirting and I think the prop guy is truly in love…

I heard from my band member #1 again today. He loves me. He keeps telling me that he’s going to buy me a house in the hills and we’ll “live happily ever after”. I wish I was more attracted to him, it would be great.

Also, haven’t heard from and haven’t contacted Liam since we hung out on Thursday. I’m trying to decide when it will be appropriate to contact him. I don’t want to seem too anxious or too hard to get. I need to find a happy medium. Not sure what I want anymore from him. I wish we hadn’t hung out two nights in a row, because now it just seems like too much.

Oy, so many things to think about. Well, it’s onto a new month. Can’t wait to make it through another month completely abstaining from tickling the sacred cow! I’m gonna be so proud of myself! I know…seems pathetic, but we all have our own goals, don’t we?

Another day on set tomorrow. Exciting! Making moolah and connections! It’s super terrific! Updates manana!

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