Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boys with Beemers...

February 10, 2009.

Oh man…what can one even begin to say about last night? Lindsay and I got off set a lot later than we expected, so we cancelled our plans to go to the Key Club, however, we refused to let the evening go wasted. I quickly downed the rest of my wine that I had at home and had a nice buzz. Got dressed up as a grungy hipster (is there even such a thing?) and smeared a bit more makeup onto my already exhausted skin. We decided to hit up Pineapple Hill, since it was within walking distance and we had a good hour left to get our drink on before the bar closed.

We headed down to the bar and quickly discovered the sausage fest inside. There was like 95% man meat in the bar…but still slim pickin’s. We did, however, run into Sean, a guy Lindsay had met and made out with the last time we were at the Hill. He was cuter than we both remembered. Well, with only an hour to get drunk, you better believe we were quickly getting silly. Sean introduced us to his friend who soon revealed to us that he’s a talent agent. How perfect for two aspiring actresses to have an agent literally fall into our laps. Handed to us. It also happened to be Agents birthday at midnight. So we enthusiastically wished him a happy birthday and told him we would go out with him tonight and then drinks would be on us. It was the least we could do, since he bought us a round of drinks. I was being drunk and playful and chatting up Agent so that Lindsay could focus on Sean.

At one point I think I even said, “I’ll take one for the team!” Because, although Agent was very friendly, I was not at all in any way shape or form atracted to him. Lindsay just looked at me with terrified eyes and said, “Don’t do it!”

No worries, I didn’t. Agent gave us a ride home in his beautiful BMW. I passed out immediately when we got back, but Lindsay stayed with the boys and had her own fun string of events at Seans place all evening. I think we will meet up with them sometime tonight. Sean seems to be quite infatuated with Lindsay. I just know that it’ll be essential for me to remain sober, so that in no way do I drunkenly think it’s a good idea to flirt or kiss Agent. Oy. Where are my handsome bad boys with gorgeous Beemers. Oh yeah, when Sean dropped Lindsay off this morning he was driving a 2007 BMW convertible. How do you reach that much success at the age of 26??

Crazy. Tonight shall be another fun adventure. Can’t wait!

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