Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flirting With Disaster

February 9, 2009.

On set again today. Cold, bored and lonely. Lindsay’s doing a special scene that I am not a part of, so here I sit in holding with no one to laugh with…

I found myself flirting with one of the crew guys who is pretty adorable. But, we were joking about taking five minutes in the back of the truck and getting our groove on…I think I was more serious then he. I realized that even though I was joking, I did in fact really want to get laid. I do.

Also, I’m realizing now that I’m beginning to doubt myself and my ability to get guys. Lindsay’s got this incredibly magnetic personality and every time she says a guy is cute or she’s attracted to a guy, she miraculously has his attention. And then I start thinking, “Oh, well, if she likes him then I have no chance.” This doesn’t usually happen to me and I’m wondering “why now?” It’s super strange. I’m usually pretty confident in myself. But not lately. Hmmm…

We’re off to Key Club tonight for some 80’s cover bands and we’re gonna get our groove on. So I’m sure many more adventures are in store for this evening. Updates to follow.

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