Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Weird.

February 23, 2009.

Ok, so real quick. The party the other night was absolutely ridiculous. Two fights broke out, there was lots of weed everywhere and a keg. Nuts. I knew about five people there, so I stuck with those I knew. At the end of the night is when things got interesting. I went to say goodnight to Crazy and he was dancing in the living room. I gave him big hugs and he said “I wanna see you…does that go both ways” and I said, “yeah, give me a call”. Then there was this really weird moment when we almost kissed, I kinda wanted to, but he didn’t make the move, so I didn’t either. Weird.

Then I went to say goodbye to the other guys that were there and I exchanged numbers with two of them and told ‘em we have to hang out. Then one of them walked me out and I offered him a ride home since he lives relatively close and he was planning on taking a cab. I dropped him off and he invited me up…. what? You crazy? I don’t think I ever made it seem like I was interested in that way, but he did overhear me having a conversation at the party about my “engagement ring” and how it’s not real. I think that gave him ideas. Ugh. I politely declined and drove off.

Weird, weird, weird. Well, I guess that’s really all the stories I have about that party. It felt like more when it was happening I suppose.

Yesterday I worked on a music video. Pure hell. Random fact: Shia LaBoeuf directed it. While waiting for my pay at the end of the night this guy in line kept talking to me. I kept turning my back and barely answering him so that he would get the point, but he didn’t’. I hate extra work!

Today I worked as an 11-year-old kid again. Pretty fun…but that’s it on the man front. Haven’t heard from Ray, I think he’s a little embarrassed about his unrequited feelings. He was supposed to call and tell me if he got his apt today or not. I’m assuming that the news wasn’t as good as he was hoping, and maybe that’s why he hasn’t called. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m going to Key Club to meet up with my friend Chris who’s in town from Chicago. Haven’t seen him in a year and I think he’s very excited to see me. As am I to see him. I’m actually going there by myself though, which is pretty weird. I don’t do that…So, we shall see what tonight has in store.

I’m an idiot, I have an audition tomorrow morning, but I’m a rockstar, so sleep, I shall do without! Later!

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