Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Almagamation of Feelings...

August 19, 2009.

It is my very bestest friend's birthday today, so I first have to give her a shoutout and tell the world that I love her very much and world...if you do anything to make her cry, I'll have to kick your butt!

Ok. Well, I'm feeling a little lonely this evening. A little lonely. A little sad. A little stressed. And fairly hungry.

It's day 2 of my cleanse. I've done it pure for two days! Although, tonight I did not to the salt water flush because I may have quite an exhausting day ahead of me tomorrow and I don't want to be dehydrated.

Lets see:

Tonight I'm lonely because...

I haven't heard from North since Sunday and it just kind of makes me wonder.
I'm tired of not having a guy that sticks around.
I want to talk to someone and have no one to call.
I miss my girlfriends from the East.

Tonight I'm sad because...

Refer to most of the reasons I'm lonely.
Add that I'm doubting my acting ability.

Tonight I'm stressed because...

I have to pay my first months rent tomorrow and my bank account is extremely low.
I have now made plans to meet up with Ike tomorrow which involves me driving two hours away, going on a strenuous hike and they either telling him I can't eat dinner with him because I've started a cleanse, or eating dinner and potentially getting sick from having solid food in my stomach.


Tonight I'm fairly hungry because...

Well, because I've been intaking nothing but liquids for the past two days.
However, I'm surprisingly not as hungry as I expected I would be.
Perhaps tomorrow will be another story.
I'm not ready to break my cleanse after two short days!!!! Noo!!!!

I think the main reason diets and cleanses fail is because peoples lifestyles don't accommodate for it. People are social creatures. Being social involves going out to eat or going out for coffee or going out for ice cream or going out for drinks...none of this is helpful when trying to avoid the intake of calories.

Well, I text Drummer tonight. Yup. I'm lonely. I just want someone to “watch 'I Love You Man' and drink Jack Daniel's” Nikki and her boy are doing tonight. Not fair. I'm bitter. Yup. I said it. I'm bitter. And bitterness shall take me to sleep! Buenas Noches!


  1. Oh man, I did the Master Cleanse, I bought that stuff in a bottle and had to add it to water. YUCK. I wish I made it myself. I wish you better luck than I had!

  2. Ouch... sounds like a rough night. I hope you're feeling better. And that North gets his act in gear and stops playing this disappearing then reappearing act!

  3. Write to me offline. If you want to visit a church that is very supportive of actors, I know a great one. So you aren't ms. superchristian, who cares? You'll meet some cool peeps.