Thursday, August 13, 2009

Patience is a virtue...

August 13, 2009.

Todd's on my mind right now. It's not that I'm missing him, I'm just kind of in awe that he came and went from my life in a very similar fashion to the first time he came and went from my life. I just can not believe that he has not called, text or emailed me at all. It just seems so weird. For a quick moment things between us were going so very well. Then in a blink of an eye it was just over.

I guess though everything happens for a reason. If Todd were still in the picture, I would not be speaking with North or anyone else for that matter.

Still conflicted about North. I'm just so tired of not being in a relationship.

Went to Manhattan Beach today with Manny, Nikki and her latest. Nikki and Marine were all over eachother all day. I just don't really get it. She moves on so quickly and gets so deeply involved with each and ever latest. I can't even bring myself to show much affection in public, just in case that guy isn't around the next weekend. I don't let them label me their girlfriend, just in case it doesn't last too long. But, I want a guy that's gonna be around each weekend and I want a guy that's gonna last a good long time. I'm so conflicted!!!

Why can't North just be ready??

Well, last night Manny and I got into a heated sis/his ex. We were painfully honest about how we felt about her recent marriage and how everything ended between them. I know that he feels “sorry” for her, but other than that I can never really tell what he wishes would have really happened. I wonder if he still loves her, but I could never ask.

I think he's looking for someone as well though, I think he's ready to find something permanent and I hope he succeeds. He's a great guy and he really deserves a great relationship.

Oy vay. Life can be cruel.

I guess “good things come to those who wait..”blah blah blahhh.

Ok, real quick, before I go and watch a movie, randomness, Pedicab text me the other day. He wants to see me because he's in LA. What??? It's almost been two months since that adventurous night in San Diego and I thought it was all well and forgotten. Apparently not.

Ha. Oh dear.

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