Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Back to College

August 23, 2009.

It's only 9:27am and I just can not wait to blog about last night.

First, what is the deal with people being so damn quiet in L.A.????? When I first moved out here I thought L.A. was going to be like this completely crazy party town, where everyone is wild and drinking and doing drugs and having house parties and pool parties and out until all hours of the night.

This is not the case. Apparently, if you're hanging out on your deck with two girlfriends drinking a glass of wine and laughing at 1am on Friday evening, your neighbors scream out their windows, “PLEASE BE QUIET!!!!”

Well. This is just not gonna fly! So we were feeling good last night after our wine and we decided to venture down the street. In our p.j.'s and Nikki and Lacey decided to go sans shoes. Not even five minutes goes by and we meet someone.

His name is Bert. He lives a couple blocks down. He has four single roommates. He invited us to come back to his place...oh yeah and we were carrying around the Dong Bong (have I mentioned that in early posts, man, I hope so!). So, it being our first night in Manhattan Beach and all, we decided to go make some friends.

If you've never been, basically Manhattan Beach is like one big college dorm with the brainy obnoxious neighbors that are trying to get sleep because like fools they signed up for the saturday classes also.

We walked the short four blocks and entered Bert's place and were introduced to his 4 “single” roomies. One by one. We met one outside. He was a goofball and may be the most fun of them all. Then we met one who was chillin' on the couch...he's a bit socially awkward. Then Goofball gave us a tour of the place and we met Beans, who was asleep, so Lacey jumped on him to get him up. Then a few minutes later the last one emerged from the basement, along with a girl, who seemed too comfortable with him for him to seem “single”.

We stayed and all took coors light out the Dong Bong....yes, everyone did. All the boys seemed a bit more excited about it than the girls. It was pretty awesome. We apparently made such a ruckus that the cops were called on us. What is the deal California?!?!?!?!?!?!? But the cops were chill and just told us to “close the windows”, just like they did when they showed up at my place. So weird.

We stayed for a bit longer and the thing I loved, absolutely loved about this scenario, was that the guys weren't obnoxious and trying to get in our pants. They were literally just hanging out with us. Oh my it possible to have a guy friend in Manhattan Beach? It just might be! Psyched would be what I'm feeling right now.

After quite the fun evening, we realized it was 3am and we had abandoned our apartment leaving the door unlocked and candles burning(yes we failed safety class), so we decided to head out. But we didn't get very far before Nikki and Lacey both decided they had to pee and couldn't wait 4 blocks. They crouched in front of our new friends apartment and did their thing. Just then Goofball appeared and shouted, “I saw that!” And Nikki and Lacey took off running down the street, dropping the mug Nikki was carrying and smashing it all over the middle of the street.

Turns out all Goofball wanted was someone's number so that he could call us tonight and invite to come over to party with them again. Awesome. We made friends our first night in the dorms, er, I mean, in Manhattan Beach!

It's gonna be one wild and crazy year! I can smell it! We're in trouble.

* * *

Well, back in the real world, aka the Valley, I'm gonna do some packing today and possibly some more driving because, surprise, surprise another friend of mine who I know from back East is visiting Covina. I think it's like a 45 minute drive east. Ugh. So sick of driving, but I guess August is just a month for me to reconnect with people from my past. I'm gonna go have lunch with him, come home and pack up my car, then get ready for another crazy evening with the girls. Tonight we're doin' up Hollywood. Man, oh man.

Updates tomorrow!


  1. Covina?? Too funny. Grew up in the area.

    So, no one told you that the West Side is urban and mixed not some little college town like Isla Vista UCSB. Sorry hon. Even Hollywood is pretty tame as clubs are really scatters around and the gay boys in WeHo, NoHo and HoHo all need their beauty sleep.

  2. Oh man, sounds like a blast!!!! I've been to Manhattan Beach and you are definitely right about that place. I hope you have a great year in your new apartment!

  3. Hehehehe, dong bong! Too fucking funny...