Sunday, August 16, 2009


August 16, 2009.

Why are piercings so intriguing?

North called me tonight (after I text him: “So, i'm just gonna tell you, i'd like to kiss you again soon.”) and informed me that he went and got his lip pierced this evening after he got off work.

Now, my first reaction, naturally, was to wonder what it's like to kiss him...hmmm. I think I'll like it. He's so different than guys that have been interested in me in the past. I never date guys that appear to be “bad boys” but are really sweet. I tend to date the ones that look like “Mr. Niceguy” and turn out to be assholes. I like this change.

I really don't want to wait till next Saturday to hang out with North again, but most likely that'll be what's gonna happen.

The girls at work are all telling me to still spend some time hanging out with Drummer. Keep my options open. I haven't seen him since almost two weeks ago now. I wonder how quickly he'll lose interest if we don't hang out soon. I'm just not entirely sure I want him to be interested yet.

I was telling Lacey tonight that it's just so hard for me to see him as his real age because he looks so freaking young. I truly feel as though I'd be robbing the cradle! I mean...if he still looks this young at 25, when will he start to age?? I don't want to be 30 and dating someone who looks like they could be my son! Alright...yeah I'm getting ahead of myself. Argh!

Anyway, once again, not much to update on the man front. North is awesome. I would like very much to kiss him. Especially with his lip ring. Rarrrrr!

Getting up bright and early to go do I need the exercise! Wish me luck!