Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Nights...

August 15, 2009.

Manny just left this morning. We went out last night to Rocco's. I was in a foul mood due to issues I'm having at work right now. I may need to find a new job in the very near future. Argh!!!

But anywho, I tried to snap out of it at Rocco's so that I didn't ruin everyone's evening and ended up buying a round of shots that cost me $75...yeah, awesome. Then some random guy with braces (not that I'm judging) decided it was the end of the night and he better make his move now or never. He sits down at the table I'm sitting at with Manny and shakes his hand. I have my back to Braces...on purpose (guys, if a girl doesn't open up to you physically, read: she's not interested and you pretty much have no hope of getting her interested). Braces extends for a shake and introduction with me. I shake his hand quickly and keep my back turned.

Braces: What are your aspirations?

Me: I have none.

Braces: C'mon, everyone has aspirations. What are they?

Me: To die young and beautiful.

Braces: What? C'mon!

Me: Perhaps tonights the night.

Then he launched into so incoherent mumbo jumbo and I just got up and walked away. Yes, bitchy. But do you notice? He still didn't even get the hint when I was being rude, so I don't feel so bad. Why are guys so lame?

Anywho, I went to hang with North for a little bit tonight. He was quite cute. Called me to make plans and said, “Well, it's Saturday!” Referring to the fact that we have indeed spent the last three saturday nights together. I enjoy this fact very much so. Tonight was a little shorter though. His brother was coming in to spend the night before heading back to Chi-town, so I couldn't spend the night tonight, unfortunately. I would have really loved to, but gotta respect the fam!

We always take forever to kiss...the whole night is always a lead up to it. It's kind of fun, because it's a guessing game of when it's gonna happen. Well, we sat and watched brainless t.v. For two hours, then I got up to leave so that he could do what he needed to do with his bro and he grabbed me and pulls me in tight and kissed me. It was so nice. We just stood there kissing for a bit. I really like doing that.

And, I haven't kissed anyone else since we started hanging out. I'm rather proud of that fact! I've kept myself pure just for him! Man, I wish he was ready to dive head first into what could be an amazing relationship, but he's not. Sucks for me!

Next saturday, I'll be moving my stuff into Manhattan Beach apartemento!!! I'm so psyched, but also a little nervous because this is going to change quite a few things for me. I'm gonna try to get North to come down to MB next saturday...let's see if I can be persuasive. I hope I can!

And that's pretty much the news on the home front...when company's in town things are pretty quiet in boyland.

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