Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm just a little person...

August 9, 2009.

I have a pattern of meeting guys that I really really like, but who aren't ready for relationships. And, I supposed I'm probably the best girl they could meet at those moments because, unlike others, I won't run screaming for the hills, nor will I flip out on them and make them feel bad.

I'll tell them till the cows come home that it's fine and we can take it slow and not to rush into something they're not sure about. Because, I feel as though if I act accordingly, I'll still be getting pretty much what I want, they'll still be getting pretty much what they want and we won't have any of that drama bullsh*t that screws up relationships.

I hung out with North last night. It was awesome. We had beer and whiskey. We talked about how f*cked up dating in L.A. is and shared stories. I told him I keep a blog about my dating life, but I didn't give him any clues as how to find it. I don't think he's a sleuth like Seattle was, so I'm pretty sure my secrets are safe for now.

We were gonna watch a movie, but literally just spent the entire night (from 8:45 on) just talking. Although we've been friends for so long, we haven't kept in touch that well, so pretty much the last four years of each other's lives had been a mystery and all we knew was hearsay from mutual friends.

Then, the coolest thing about being on “date” with an old friend is that you can reminisce. This doesn't happen with strangers. We started recalling moments of our past that we had shared and not until this very moment in time did we realize we had shared them. Funny how that works.

Man, it was a really great night. Again, one of my favorite L.A. evenings spent with a guy. Granted my best nights in L.A. have been with my girls, so that's why I have to define that it was great night with a guy.

I told North straight up that I don't ever want him to think he needs to rush into things with me. I want us to be friends no matter what and even if we decide that the kissing needs to not happen between us anymore, we will still hang out. I know he's been through a lot and I, like I said in a previous entry, just want to be that “fun” part of his life. He was uber relieved to hear this. I knew he would be.

My only request was that he always be honest about how he's feeling. I just hate wondering and worrying when I can't tell what's going on in his head.

Ok, so my most favorite moment of the night was when we was sitting at his computer and I had gone over to stand next to him so he could show me a music video, after it was over this song came on that was unbelievably perfect for the evening. Here's the youtube video:

It was just so ironic because it was exactly what we'd been saying earlier in the evening, “Let's have some're the one I like the best.” Man how perfect.

I spent the night and this time, I did sleep in my undies, but again, no sex. Yay! I have no doubt in my mind that if we do eventually sleep together, it will be phenomenal, but I'm in no rush. I like what we got goin' on and I hope we're able to do it for awhile.

He's so funny, I told him how down in Manhattan Beach on labor day weekend there's gonna be a big crazy wild block party and he should come down to hang and he said, “Are you still gonna wanna hang with me in September?”

To which I responded, “Yeah, I'm still gonna wanna be friends with you in September!”

I hope our fun lasts for awhile. He needs it. I need it. It could be something very good.

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