Monday, August 17, 2009

Weight Matters...

August 17, 2009.

Wow, so I'm terribly boring on the man front these days!

Haven't heard from North today, but I wanted to give it some breathing room. I feel like I've been texting him a lot lately and I definitely don't want him to ever feel overwhelmed. I'm still dying to kiss him though! Argh!

Drummer text me tonight, wanting to hang out. I'm kind of relieved that he lives in Thousand Oaks and not closer, because if he did live closer, I would more likely accept his invites to hang out and we'd probably be kissing and doing more than I feel we should be doing at his point in time. I feel great about not having been with a single guy in any way since North. It's an awesome feeling, even if he doesn't know it, I like knowing it.

Went on a hike with Lacey this morning, and we're gonna get up and be adventurous again tomorrow morn. Then, she wants to start the “Master Cleanse”, I think it's also called “The Lemonade Diet”. I want to do it with her, but I'm somewhat nervous because, excuse my French, I don't want to be caught in the middle of work and have to shit my brains out or be hanging out with a boy and have to run to the bathroom five times in a row...

Oh cleanses, why are Americans so obsessed? Do other countries use cleanses as much as we do? I wonder. Probably not, because most often American's do it to lose weight and people from other countries are always naturally thinner and don't have to worry about obesity as much. Man. To not have to ever worry about your weight, how wonderful! Think how much time we would all gain if weight was never an issue!

Sometimes I wish I didn't want to be an actress because really, I'm only concerned with how thin I am when I think about how I look on camera. Bah! Whatev's I'm determined to make it as an actress whether I'm thin or entirely huge! I'm in it for the talent and not the looks....Take that Hollywood!

Updates MaƱana!

Hasta Luego! (I'm learning Spanish...trying to put it to good use!)


  1. Wow. When you mention places like TO (right next to me!), it's insane to me how close we live to one another. Small world!

  2. Hola (just helping you practice...haha).

    Good luck! And I like your attitude.

  3. hmmm, i'm a canadian living in europe and i honestly think it's about food. over here i eat out less, have little access to processed foods, and heck! it's europe, you learn to cook *real* italian, and *real* french. plus with the roads being as narrow as they are, it's a guaranteed suicide mission to drive. so walking, or biking it is. and who doesn't like to go for runs alongside lake geneva and have any hot-blooded male in the vicinity stare at my toned ass. it's about incentive! bonne chance!