Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eek...what do you think?

Just sent it away into cyberspace:

Dearest Vienna,
I wanted to write to you because I feel as though I haven't been completely open with you. I had such a great time with you in San Diego. It was strange because it did feel as if we had known eachother from before. That is why I was so glad to get the chance to see you again in L.A. Once again, I enjoyed that day very much. You are so genuinely sweet, it's rare to meet someone like you. I am feeling though as if it would not be wise for us to keep talking.
You and I live so very far apart and I've done relationships like that before and I can't stand to do it again. It wears me thin and makes me sad a frustrated. Also, there is someone from my past here that I have been casually seeing again and I'm interested to see how things work this time around. Maybe it will be better, maybe worse, but I can only discover that if I give him my full, undivided attention.

I'm sorry that I've been distant this past week. I've been trying to sort things out in my life and make things a bit less complicated. You are wonderful and I'm sure you will meet someone who deserves your sweet words. At this point in time, I am very undeserving and feel bad if we continue to communicate the way we have. Feel free to email me whenever you feel, or not if you don't want to.

I hope you have a great rest of the week and thank you for coming into my life...


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