Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sight for Sore Eyes.

July 14, 2009.

I opened my front door last night at about 11:30pm and discovered a rather adorably drunken Todd with bed head staring back at me. I invited him in and within 20min. he proceeded to pass out on my bed and not awaken from his snoring slumber until about 10:15 this morning when I had to get up and rush off to class.

It was pretty cute. Wish I had been the one getting drunk with him, but I honestly enjoyed being home alone for a bit. The quiet was pleasant.

I did start to wonder though. Yesterday morning Todd had promised to call when he was done golfing and he wanted to join me at a DVD release party I had been planning on attending. Well, when I still hadn't heard from him around 9pm, I just figured he must be having fun. However, if we were an official couple, would this have upset me more than it did?

For some reason when he text me and told me that they had been drinking since their golf game was over and that he'd be over “soon”, I was not upset in the slightest. I was happy to hear from him and even more happy that he was still coming over, but not one angry thought crossed my mind.

Hmm...I hope it's just because I'm cool like that (haha) and not because I don't really care. Because I do care. At least I think I'm starting to.

Whateva, not much more to say. Had class, rehearsal and more rehearsal today. I should be feeling fulfilled artistically, but something is missing. I'm feeling unmotivated and empty these days. I gotta figure this dilemma out! On to more rehearsals tomorrow...oy.

Updates soonish.

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  1. Don't you just love when they get drunk and turn into cuddly and sweet little kids all over again? My boyfriend becomes SO affectionate in a not-so-normal way when he's drinking... it's so cute! :)