Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brains...That's hot!

April 9, 2009.

Ok, so apparently brains turn me on…Seattle sent me his 24 pg. Appellate Brief and swore I’d fall asleep reading it, but all I can think while reading through it is how sexy the words must sound coming out of his mouth. I’d love to see him argue in court. Hot!

So last night before bed Todd text me: “Fox & Hounds!!!” And I was already in my p.j.’s so I said, “What? Are you there?” to which he informed me he was not. He just wanted to see my reaction to his text. So we had a short little back and forth and discussed potentially going out tonight. I must have gone to sleep thinking about it because I dreamt that I was getting dressed up for a night on the town and all I could think was, “I gotta look good, Todd’s gonna be there…” Oy!

Think I am gonna go out with Jess and Nikki tonight, but if Todd does show up, probably a good idea for me not to drink so I don’t do something stupid that I’ll regret. I really do wanna be good!! It’s just so easy to be bad!! (And so much fun!)

Well, we’re down to 8 days! 8 days!!!! I bought something for Seattle today. Couldn’t help it, when I like someone I want to just buy them the world, just in case they don’t get how much I like them. I definitely didn’t break the bank with this gift, but I saw it and it made me smile, so I wanted to give it to him to make him smile and so he has it when I’m not there. It’s such a “highschool” gift. Can’t wait!

Alright, so I’m actually crunched for time and gotta get ready for work, but I’ll update either tonight or tomorrow after my night of adventure with the ladies!

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