Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jackpot...sort of.

April 29, 2009.

Just got back from an amazing hike and I’m feeling great (and exhausted)! My goal is to be in the shape that I wanna be in when Seattle arrives, late May. That would be perfect. Then I can wear sexy underwear for him with confidence and show him why I’m worth the wait!

Last night we chatted for a bit. One of our shortest convo’s in history, I do believe. But, he’s back at reading my blog, which I totally don’t mind, since our relationship is smothered with honesty, so most of what I say here he already knows. However, I wanted him to call and chat with me before reading yesterday’s blog, because I didn’t want him to get upset by anything I said without being able to talk about it and explain.

Let me just say. He’s incredible. He’s wonderful. He says all the right things. He’s so mature about everything. He’s so realistic. And he’s all mine. That’s the best part I think…

I always expect him to say something to me that’s going to turn me off and I’ll just be like, “Why are we attempting this ridiculous LDR again?” But each time a challenge comes our way, my white knight takes out his sword and slices off the head of that evil Dragon. He’s amazing.

I can’t help but talk about him to my girlfriends…probably too much. I told Nikki how we played “strip state capitols” when I was visiting him and she thinks it’s adorable. Frankly, so do I. I like that he’s got the wonderful combination of smarts and sexiness. Man…why’s my jackpot got to live so far away?

We discussed how I feel like he’s been more frustrated than usual with our situation. I reiterated the fact that I never want him to feel trapped by it or feel like he can’t talk to me and let me know if it is in fact getting too hard to deal. I’ll understand. I get it. I miss him like crazy. But he just reassured me that “There’s no other situation, besides living in the same city, that [he’d] prefer.” Way to go and say the perfect thing again! Ugh. Not fair at all!

I’m sending him a card with some pic’s in the mail today. Wish I could put a stamp on myself and arrive at his doorstep.

More updates to come!


  1. Awwwwww.

    Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. That is sweet! I wish ya tons of luck,and a plane ticket!!

  3. ahhh sleepless in seattle... haha

    i can see this blog turn into the year of my real engagement some day.........

    and "my move to seattle" haha.

    you are being a great girlfriend and i know you are already investing a lot emotionally but remember the good relationships are a marathon, not a race. :)