Monday, April 6, 2009


Quick addendum to April 5, 2009.

So, I just got hit on at the grocery store. I was choosing what kind of garbage bags to buy. I had a box of 32 drawstring bags in hand and someone walks behind me and says, “Drawstring, definitely the way to go.” “Right?” I replied, not even glancing up, because I figure, anyone who’s trying to pick a girl up at the grocery store is desperate. Then I realized he was not moving, but standing there trying to help me choose garbage bags. So, I glanced up. He was kind of cute. Nerdy cute. Emo glasses and a fedora. So we chatted for point two more seconds while walking down the aisle, all about garbage bags. Ok, as dorky as it was he’s still on my mind and at least made me smile.

But the real reason I needed to add on to today was because I had dinner with a man from my past this evening. Todd. He was one of the first guys I met when I moved out here. The first guy I slept with after “the ex”. We met at a club because we were goofing off and dancing together and he bought me a rose. We exchanged numbers and proceeded to hang out a few times in the next couple of weeks. He took me on real dates, dinner, dancing, and the whole shebang. But he has commitment problems and would randomly stand me up or “forget to call” when he said he would. So, I got over it real quick. But he still boggled my mind. He’s such a great catch in every other way except his flakiness. He’s “great on paper”: handsome, financially stable, takes lots of fun vacations throughout the year, but flakes.

Anyway, I actually emailed him a few weeks ago, just to see how his life is. I was certain he’s not with anyone these days, he never is. But that wasn’t my intention for contacting him. I’m clearly emotionally unavailable right now…ehemm, Seattle. We made dinner plans to meet up tonight and he actually text me to let me know that he was running 3min late. 3 min!! Maybe he’s a changed man??

Well, I saw him walk into the restaurant and immediately remembered how attractive he is. He’s a really good-looking man. He was super happy to see me and dinner was very nice. We caught eachother up on our goings on. He told me that it was funny to hear from me because he had just been talking about me the other night. We haven’t seen eachother, I think since last May. And that was just a friendly visit for about an hour. He thought I’d never want to see him again. He apologized for being a “douchebag”. Wow!

That also seems to be a pattern in my life. Men from my past resurfacing and apologizing for being dicks. I wonder if that happens to a lot of other girls or if these guys just all of a sudden realize they lost a really great thing.

It was just so odd because when we were “hanging out” back in the day, his friends were enthralled by me and so happy that he was “dating” me and told me that he was really into me and he hasn’t been into someone like this for some time and then…nothing. It was very confusing, frustrating and awful at the time.

At dinner tonight, he already started making plans for next week for us! Wow! I’ll believe it when I see it. But also, I can’t help to think what bad timing! Seattle on the phone last night was saying two weeks is a long time before we see eachother, because “a lot can happen in two weeks.” Yes sir, a lot can happen in two weeks…

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