Friday, April 3, 2009

White Trash Night

April 3, 2009.

It’s 2:55 am, and what better time then now to recap the night’s events! I just got home a little bit ago and had one of the greatest nights I’ve had in LA since being here. Spent the night with three great girls, Jess, Nikki, and Lacey. Started the night with dinner at Cecil’s with Nikki, then we prepared for our “white trash” night.

Andrew, the bartender from F&H invited us last night to come to his birthday white trash bash. So, we did our best to be the trashiest b*tchs around. I was DD, so I brown bagged a Disanni flavored water and bought Andrew a gold magnum condom and mini SoCo for his b-day present. The party started at 7pm, but we arrived fashionably late at 10:30pm. We, needless to say, were the only ones dressed the part. No one else got the memo…but we totally brought the party. Everyone loved our getups and our ‘tudes. It was truly a blast.

Also, strangely enough, I ran into someone I knew at the party! Small world, LA. Seth, as in Nate’s old co-worker and Margaret’s crush, was there. So funny, apparently him and Andrew are in a band together. Again, what a small world! I honestly never thought I’d see him again. But we chatted tonight and I invited him to be my date to the 80’s prom night we’re planning for the 16th. He’s just as stoked as we are! So yay! I have a date! Can’t wait for the word to get back to Margaret and Nate…ha! I’m so evil. Anywho, we decided our getups were too good to be wasted all night long in one place. So we stayed for about an hour or so and decided to get our show on the road.

We drove to Off Kilt and were about to go in, when we decided it looked too dead for our liking. We headed over to Chimney Sweep and inside, strange looks followed us everywhere. It was funny. It was way too quiet there for us, so we then tried a place called The Port, only to find it was way empty except for five people on stage playing Rock Band. Hmmm…we stayed there long enough to play with one guy and totally ruined his song, because none of us knew how to play. After that we dropped off Lacey, she was getting tired but the three of us kept on!

We were off to Pineapple Hill. There we finally planted ourselves. After all it was 1am and only 30 min till last call. We were only there for about 5 min and already made friends. Thanks to Nikki’s good looks. Three guys at the end of the bar started chatting us up. I ended up having a conversation with one guy and it led to us discovering that we had in fact met before and had a similar conversation. He knew Margaret because he was a regular at the restaurant she used to work at. Again, what a small world. Apparently, he had text her saying we should all hang out and she never gave me that message. Hmmm…

So, it was a very interesting evening. I forgot to mention that Andrew, when we were saying goodbye, definitely was hoping for a little smooch. He was blatantly trying and I just laughed and said, “I’m not gonna kiss you, drunky!” He then claimed he was only going for a hug…yup, ok, liar. He told me he thinks I’m cute and we should definitely hang out. I told him to call me, “You got my number.” Now, I’m sure Andrew’s a great guy, however, he’s got one attribute I just can’t get behind. In the short time I’ve known him, he’s been drunk 80% of it. And he’s a bartender and everyone knows bartenders like to drink. Plus, he’s got way too many similarities to Sam, and we all know how that ended up. Eek. I’m learning not to repeat mistakes. Slowly, but surely.

Ugh, 14 days!!!

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