Monday, April 27, 2009

"Skype Saved Our Marriage"

April 27, 2009.

Unfortunately, I have not updated you since Friday because I was a little preoccupied with birthday madness and hangover aftermath.

My day on Saturday was pretty awesome. I turned 25 on the 25th! Hollahh!! I got up in the morning and went to a $1 sale at Buffalo Exchange; the best second hand store on Ventura. Came home with some kick ass shirts and then ran some errands until dinner plans at 6:30pm.

Lee and I had talked the night before and worked everything out. So we’re all good, and I’m glad. I’d hate to not have her in my life.

Went to sushi with Miguel, Lee, Lil’ bro and some peeps from my improv troupe. They bought me dinner and a rose. I felt very loved. After dinner, Lee, Miguel and lil bro and I all returned back to my apt to prep for my slumber party.

I decided in honor of being 25 I wanted to celebrate the relationships that are most sacred to me. My girlfriends. No boys allowed (with the exception of Miguel and Lil’ bro, naturally.) Lil bro and Miguel decided they wanted to get the party started by dressing up and speaking in “Borat” like accents and also dressing up the pad with flashing lights and techno music. It was hilarious to say the least. They greeted all my guests at the door with a “guest list”. It was great fun.

Miguel and Lee took off around midnight and then ultimate Truth or Dare began. How silly to be 25 and prank texting Todd and running around my complex pool with my buttcheeks hanging out. I loved it.

Lil bro was one of the girls the entire night. It was quite fun. I’m glad he was there, even though he has a penis. My girls are the greatest. It was Jess, Lacey and Nikki. Guys are great fun to have around in life, but nothing beats the relationship you have with your girlfriends. It’s comforting and wonderful to know that in the short year and a half that I’ve been in LA I’ve managed to find some pretty incredible ladies to surround myself with.

I called Seattle that night/Sunday morning when everyone was heading to bed. I apparently fell asleep on the phone with him. Ha! Oh drunky! He’s a good sport and just laughed about it with me on Sunday.

I forgot to mention that Nikki bought me a vibrator for my birthday. First one I’ve ever owned! I’m stoked!

So yesterday, I hung out with Jess for most of it, went to improv and had a really great practice and then came home and hooked up internet with Lil bro. That’s right, I’m sitting in my bedroom on wireless that I actually pay for (rather than stealing from the neighbor’s…sorry guys!)! Then I hooked up Skype on Seattle’s request.

I never knew about it before yesterday. But now I’m addicted and think it just might have extended the life of long distance relationship. I can’t even describe how amazing it was to see Seattle’s face while talking to him. He got his haircut and it looks very sexy.

We were on it for about 2 ½ to 3 hours. I know. We’re crazy. But I got to watch him walk around his apartment in his boxers…hot. We danced a little together to the music on my myspace. We watched his brother’s acting reel together. It was like we were hanging out. It was amazing! The only downfall was that I couldn’t reach out and stroke his hair or kiss his cute lips or run my fingers down his bare arm and around his chest. It was quite the tease…

I joked about how one of my avid blog readers said that Seattle and I aren’t far from phone sex. But now, I think it’s more appropriate to say we’re close to ‘Skype’ sex. Ha…kidding…maybe.

Well, I need to nap, since I was up till way too early this morning. But I’ll have more Skype tales soon!

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  1. hahaha yes i got a shout out! :) just hope that theres no creepy guy at the other end at skype spying on people!

    im happy you had a fun 25th bday!