Thursday, April 2, 2009

Screaming at the Top of My Lungs

April 2, 2009

This picture is how I feel today. 15 days till Washington. Time is going too slowly. Ok, where to begin…yesterday, eh?

Went to Fox and Hound with Nikki. The bartender we met on Monday night was working and remembered us. Gave us free drinks and shots. I only had one of each. I was driving. He was a lot of fun to chat with all night and we both couldn’t help but notice how much he reminded us of Sam. Very much similar. Even to the point where he was getting wasted on the job and not caring at all.

Lots of men there on Wednesday night! Our odds were pretty good. Nikki was scoping out the soccer team that was entering in groups of two. She realized it’s the same team her ex used to play on, but that didn’t stop her from hoping to get back on the team! Then we realized that one of the guys from Monday night was on the team as well! Uh-oh, his friend had called me earlier as well and I ignored it, naturally. He left a message. Ugh. Well, Ned, the guy that we ran into again at F&H seemed pretty chill, so we chatted with him for a bit.

Nikki found some new eye candy and of course two seconds later he pulled up a barstool and started chatting her up. She was over it in five minutes. Jess joined us at the bar after work and we all went outside for a smoke (I watched). Nikki said, “What a waste!” She was referring to the guy she had just been talking with because he was super attractive and yet his mind was slosh from all the drugs he’s done. She’s right, what a waste.

We decided to head over to the other bar, Maeve’s for a bit. Our odds were just as good over there, but the crowd was a little weird. We were being wallflowers by ourselves and a guy comes over and uses this as an “in”: “Is that your library card hanging out there for everyone to see?” Referring to my key chain that was attached to my belt loop and yes, has my lib. card on it. Now if he had been a cast member on Mystery’s reality show, “The Pickup Artist”, he’d have lost this round. The three of us proceeded to chat about reading, and um…yes it was the most boring conversation I’ve ever had at a bar. I kept turning my body further and further away from him in hopes that he’s good with body language, but alas, he still stayed too long.

Ned, from F&H came in not too long after so we headed over to him and his friends to chat. They were also awkward. Come on guys! Where’s your game at??

These two other guys that we had been bumping into all night came over and asked if we needed to be saved. They had been noticing that we’ve been getting into a lot of “boring” conversations all evening. I swear to God, I thought these two guys were gay. Therefore, they were “safe” and the four of us chatted casually and it was fun. Then, Dom (one of the gay guys) started flirting with me and asking me when he’ll see me here next and blah blah blah. Oh no! Even if he was straight, and I wasn’t so in like with Seattle, he is sooo not my type! How does this happen?

Well, Dom has already found me on myspace and sent me a message saying that I was “too gorgeous” last night and if I could “tone it down” the next time we hang out that would be great. Now I just know he’s full of shit, because I was not dressed up at all, had very little makeup on and did nothing with my hair. He must’ve had his ‘goggles’ on…

Nikki and I left the bar and headed straight for Carls Jr. We had been craving it all night. I think I was craving it because I had gone on a 40min run that day and working out makes me hungry. We chowed down at her place and talked about the many boys. I can’t keep track anymore. It’s getting to be a bit much. While there, I received a text from Seattle: “My turn for a late night text. Sad thing is that I have no fun story to tell about being up late, just homework. I feel like I am hanging out with u, i.e. going to bed at 2:30 and getting up at 7:30. This would be much more fun if I had you to wake up to.”

Man, he says the right things. I was telling Jess and Nikki earlier that night that it’s definitely going to be hard for me to not have sex with him when I go visit in a few weeks. I’m gonna wanna so bad! Nikki’s advice, “Just go for it if it feels right!” I guess it’s just weird for me, because if I did in fact “just go for it” how would that be any different then what I did all last year. So many guys, so much sex, so little satisfaction. I want the meaning behind the action now…humph. When did I regain my morals? Ha!

I think I’m moving my ring back to the left for a little while. I need a break.

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