Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Could Always Be Worse

April 8, 2009.

6:21pm. Just got back from a day of random shooting. Humph. I think my next blog shall be about my acting life. Perhaps I should begin it now. I’ve got some pretty good stories up my sleeve!

Anywho, haven’t heard from/spoken to Seattle yet today. Not surprisingly, he’s got school all day and is a busy man. I always just get kind of paranoid when we go a whole day without a text or something. I know…I’m just being silly.

My step-dad today got on the phone and asked, “So what’s in Seattle?” It begins…I feel like it’s ending even before it gets a chance to begin. I explained to my mom and step-dad our frustrations about not living near one another. It could always be worse. Mom reassures that flights are getting cheaper and S. Dad pipes in that we’ll be getting lots of air miles on our United Visa. Then they brought up my cousin whose boyfriend is moving to Australia for 3 yrs. Ok, so it definitely could be worse!

I so badly want to call Todd today and take him up on his offer of dinner and a movie, but I know I really shouldn’t. It’s not that I even really want to start anything with him, it’s just that he’s here and I’m still lonely.

Think tonight will be a lazy movie watching evening…we shall see. Adventure often calls at random times!

Missin’ Seattle bad…

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  1. Nothing worng with a lazy movie watching evening. I'm kind of jealous, actually.