Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prom Night Relived...

April 17, 2009.

Holy crow…this is unbelievable! I’m flying to Seattle right his very moment and have about and hour and 30 minutes until I see him! I’m super excited!

But first I must tell of my crazy night at 80’s prom. I totally slept with my prom date last night; however, I did not get laid. Figure out that riddle. We did it up royal last night! Our outfits were perfect! Our dates were hilarious and we painted LA very, very red. Seth was my prom date and he definitely didn’t disappoint. He even danced a bit at La Cita, the bar we went to Downtown. I remember most of the evening pretty well. It gets foggy near the end, but man was it worth it. At La Cita, Jess and I decided to get the party going and we dragged two unsuspecting victims onto the dance floor. My victim mainly took the job of keeping me off the floor.

After La Cita we headed back into the valley and went to our fave local spots. Nick was working the door at Maeve’s and all I remember is hugging him a LOT. Then Seth and I decided to head over to Fox and Hounds…God knows why and all I really remember about that is wiping out after taking a shot. I didn’t fall…oh no…it was a total wipeout. Ridiculously, utterly, embarrassing. Not going back there for a bit!

Then Seth, Jess and I all walked back to my place at the end of this night and Seth proceeded to pass out on the bathroom floor. I immediately went to bed and passed out, Jess hit on lil’ bro and tried to get a cuddle on. Then Lil’ bro woke me up and told me to get my drunken prom date off the bathroom floor so he could go shower. I dragged Seth into my bed and put him to sleep and fell asleep next to him (not even cuddling, thank God) and awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of him throwing up, in my bed…hoorah. Oh Prom. Now I know why twice is enough. Despite the messy ending, it was one hell of a night.

Then to make it even more perfect I got to wake up and catch a flight to Seattle. I can not wait. An hour and a half seems way too long right now. I’m so freaking anxious, a little nervous, happy, excited, glowing, I don’t even know. It feels unreal still. I’m gonna try to do my best and keep up the blogging this weekend, but I make no promises…I might find myself a bit distracted!

Oh sweet Joy….

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  1. I am excited to read your next post. Will you be abstaining irene any longer? haha

    Ooooh you guys have a Fox and Hounds too? Nice.