Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bad Dreams

May 2, 2009.

So, I blogged right before I went to sleep last night and I think it infiltrated my dream. I dreamt that Seattle and I had a big blow-out fight and broke up and during it all I could think was, “Man, how pathetic will that sound on my blog that we’re already breaking up?!” Ha. Wow. What a weird psyche I have!

Anywho, I can’t remember exactly what the dream fight was about. I wish I did remember, because maybe I’m nervous/upset about something I’m not admitting to myself. I do believe dreams have meaning, even if it means there’s something in your subconscious you’re not owning up to.

Hmm…maybe I’ll remember later today. I’ve got work all day, but then off to a party at Pete’s or perhaps a Halfoween party with my girls. It shall be interesting! I’ll update later this evening!


  1. I have a book of dreams and took the liberty of looking this up for you,I hope that you don't mind........
    You may have an inner conflict or be trying to make a difficult emotional decision. You are divided within yourself. Just as with arguments in real life, a compromise is usually the best course. Stop seeing everything in black and white. Alternatively, you may be expressing emotions that you have been unable to give vent to in waking life. If you know the person who you are arguing with, they may represent an aspect of yourself. Do you secretly resent this person in waking life?

  2. It's annoying when your thoughts infiltrate into your dreams. Thats happened to me so many times.

  3. I had strange dreams last night about packing for my Europe trip and my lacrosse game I coached. I love when my life gets mixed in with my dreams.

    Thanks for the comment! It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I will try my hardest to keep my voice level and speak to her lightly next time. I would love to see her all frazzled!! ;-)