Thursday, May 7, 2009

One of Those Girls

May 7, 2009

Ok this is hilarious! Seattle stumbled across this...I don't know how, but he emailed it to me. This is a video response to the “Jizz in My Pants” video, if you haven't seen that one go to youtube and watch it! But, this one is about wearing a fake engagement ring to ward off loser guys! Hilarious.

It makes me wonder how many women actually buy these things! I mean, the only reason I thought of it was because I have my moms old engagement ring, so it is a real ring and I've always worn in on my right hand, so it was simple enough to do the transfer. But, when I began wearing it, I did get the response from some guys, “Are you one of those girls?” Who are those girls? And where are they? How come I've never noticed them? And do guys do this too???

Now I'm gonna wonder the next time a guy hits on me and is wearing a ring. Is he really a douchebag husband trying to get some on the side? Or is he just trying to get away from unwanted attention. Ha! Who am I kidding? Guys love any and all attention! That's the last thing they would do!

Now, that brings up an interesting experiment of its own. What if a guy were to wear a fake wedding ring for a year and see how many women he could get interested in him? I bet he'd find it a lot easier to pick up women with the ring than without. It's a symbol of stability and reliability, ironically enough and as soon as women see that, they want it! Man, we suck!

In other news: if you're a single lady in LA, I now know where you can go to meet some men. But you have to be willing to sweat a little bit for it! Went on our usual hike today in Burbank, with Jess and Lacey. Man it was brutal! On the way up though we passed three guys that were heading back down. They were about our age, fairly attractive and apparently athletic. We got to the top and hung out for a short while and on our way down we stopped to take a pic and lucky for us there were three more guys that had just reached the top, so they took a pic for us. Again, about our age, fairly attractive and firemen, nonetheless. So that solves it! Where are all the good looking, presumably nice guys in LA? They're all on a hike! We joked on our way back down about what a great story that would make, “Oh we met one day on a mountain!”

Jess goes, “Irene, you and Seattle have a nice story!”

“Yeah, we met one night at Big Wang's...”, how romantic! I don't mind it had a romantic follow-up.

Oh yeah! And in other even stranger news. When you think this world is big, stop to consider this: Seattle knows a girl that I was friends with in High School. Whaaaaaa???? How random is that? She apparently goes to law school with him. It just blows my mind. I haven't seen or talked to her since HS but we were pretty close back then. It is a small world after all! (15 days...)


  1. Umm ... sorta guilty. I have a pretty right-hand ring that I just flip over to my left hand if I need to ;)

  2. We have a friend that bartends for a living while putting herself through school. She always wears a ring bartending. She found out that guys will actually tip more when she does... I guess they are trying harder to impress her rather than the usual lame pick up lines? I guess???

    The odd thing is...She gets better tips from the girls too! Now that one I don't get, other than maybe they feel she is saving money for a wedding??? Who knows.