Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hard Days Night

May 2, 2009.

I worked all night…AAAALLLLLLL Night. My feet hurt. It sure would be nice to have a guy here that could rub them for me.

I realized that my workdays consist of a game called, “Beat ‘em to the punch!” I wore a necklace today that is an interesting shape and I work with a lot of vulgar rude men. So when I got to work, Mike goes, hey let me see your necklace. And I just automatically assumed he was gonna make some sexual joke about it, so I beat him to the punch!

“Kinda looks like a sperm, doesn’t it?” I said quickly.

“Hehe, yeah! I hadn’t thought of that!” And that was that! No sexual joke, or any innuendo, no anything. I got him! It’s always a nice feeling of accomplishment when I achieve that.

Ugh, but I always have a headache by the end, because my conversations consist of so many, “That’s what she said!” ‘s that I almost forget how to have normal conversation. I actually tried with Mike today and he was too busy throwing in comments about makeout sessions between another coworker and me that I couldn’t get my sentences out. It was pointless. It’s like talking to five-year-olds. Yup, these are the men I work with.

If only I could speak Spanish! Maybe I’d find some real conversation in the kitchen! (That totally wasn’t intended to be a racist comment, it’s just a fact that all the guys in our kitchen staff are Mexican and mainly speak Spanish, so we never really get to have convo’s because I don’t understand and they do, but don’t know how to accurately respond. It’s a real shame.)

Anywho, I was supposed to go to that party at Pete’s after work. Lacey and Jess were going to accompany me. But it was so hectic tonight that we didn’t get finished at the restaurant until 11:45.

Seattle had placed a bet with me that if I went to the party he was sure Pete would try to get with me or make some sly comment like, “How ‘bout a sleepover?”. I bet that he wouldn’t. The bet was on. If I lost I had to write him a poem and vice versa. I can’t believe we’re even betting on this! Ugh.

Well, technically neither of us one, but really, I won! Ha. I didn’t go, so Pete didn’t get a chance to charm me! But, I do think I would’ve won anyhow. I called him to see if the party was even worth coming to anymore around 11:50 and I expected him to say something like, “Well, you should still come over, but everyone’s leaving.” And he didn’t! So there! I won!

And now, it’s late, I’m exhausted and I’m gonna call Seattle and distract him from his studies for a bit. I realized today, having an LDR is kind of like a part time job. All the time you spend on the phone really distracts from daily activities. I’m not complaining! I’d rather be on the phone with him than doing those things most the time anyway. It’s just hard to fit everything in!!! Oy!

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