Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I need to Shower

May 6, 2009.

Day 2 of lying in bed/lounging around the house. Still a little sore, but definitely bearable. Talked to my cuz this morning who updated me on her relationship. Things are going well with them. They’re taking a roadtrip from Connecticut (where they go to school) all the way down to Atlanta, Georgia for a wedding in a couple of weekends. Makes me wish Seattle were here to take roadtrips with. How fun would that be?!

After we hung up, of course I had Seattle on the brain, so I text him, “I miss you!!!”

He responded: “Moi Aussi! Just woke up and wondering y u aren’t laying beside me…”

I wonder that every day, Seattle. I do.

Then we did a little flirtatious back and forth that I’m sure frustrated us both because we still have to wait until the 22nd (16 days) to fulfill those thoughts.

I’m determined to make my next trip back up to Washington sooner than a month after the 22nd. I don’t like this once a month thing. I need to see that boy more often. I do!

Ok, so Seattle always tells me that he worries that since he reads my blogs I withhold information, like what I dislike about him or what I’m really feeling about other things. I beg to differ. I’m still very open and honest (I admitted to googling his ex-wife, didn’t I?) But, I’ll try to think of something I don’t like about Seattle or our relationship and post it when it comes to me. This might take awhile…

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  1. Long distance ain't always fun, I hear ya. So glad you two are making it work though! It proves that it CAN be done! :)