Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That "Mature Essence"

May 19, 2009. Update.

Still traveling...sitting in Chicago now, waiting for my final flight. I'm just wondering, what is the deal with older guys and me?? In the matter of 3 hours that I've been here waiting for my flight, I've had two older gentlemen strike up conversations with me. Now, I know, I know, just because they're chatting with me doesn't mean they're thinking sexual thoughts. probably does. One even offered to buy me a drink while we waited for the plane. I actually said no!!! Well, I said, “Oh thanks, but I think I'm gonna go take a nap or something...” But that counts as a no, right? I'm proud of myself for not just saying, “Sure!” and then spending the next hour awkwardly chatting with this fifty something guy...

Text Lacey about this situation I'm in and told her I NEED to start meeting guys my age. She responded and said, “Well, what if when you're older it turns around and all the youngin's want ya?” Now there's a thought...I like it!

Why do you think older men hit on younger girls? Do you think they believe they actually have a real chance? Are younger girls too nice? How do you chat with someone and show them you don't want anything more than a nice conversation?

On top of this all, I am wearing my “engagement ring” on my left hand. No one's commented or noticed...

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  1. How old are we talking? 40s? 50s? 70s? I mean, if a 70 year old was hitting on me, I'd go for it. Well, if he had money and was close to death. You know.