Friday, May 29, 2009

So Much Testosterone!

May 29, 2009.


Well, you could say the night didn't go well or you could say it went great. Depends on your perspective, I suppose. Just got ready for bed and still sweating from a night full of dancing with gay men and some extremely hot not so gay men.

We went to Arena in Hollywood, a gay club with go go dancers and hot bartenders and all the hip hop music you could wish for. We danced our butts off and managed to attract the attention of all the straight, very very sexy go go dancers. When they finished their shift they joined us on the dance floor. It was a yummy yummy time. I exchanged number with one of them, and go figure, he's leaving in a few weeks because he's in the Navy. WTF?! I'm so over the navy. It can bite me.

Well, I had made plans with Todd earlier to meet up after our separate nights out and he had said he was going to crash at my place. Great. I was actually excited. However, here I sit. At my place. Completely alone. And again...why does this shock or surprise me in the slightest? This is Todd we're talking about.

Grrrrrrr!!!! I'm so tired of him being such a flake. I mean he may have a very valid excuse this time and every time, but, if we're just going to continue to make plans then have them not happen, I'm over it. I really wanna just pass out right now, I'm soo tired, but I keep thinking, “Well, what if he calls in like 5 minutes?”

Irene...I hate to be the one to tell you this, but, he's not gonna call. Get over it.

Ok. I'm over it and I'm going to bed.


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